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    Tip 9: Whatever other travel sites says,one day is enough to cover Kaza and it’s surrounding villages (if you are in a hurry). Otherwise, stay one night at Kaza and another one at Langza or Kibber……this is a great place for trekking and camping.Also there are some excellent 2/3days trek from Mud village to Pin valley (hope to do those some day).

    There are also a few more villages- Kibber (we visited it), Chicham (with the highest bridge in the world),and Hikam (not Hikkim) and Tashigong, which you can visit.

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    Kibber - Another place where snow leopards can be sighted

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    Kaza monastery - our Hotel Kaza was just on the other side of the road

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    Hotel Deyzor restaurant- do visit it to have a glimpse in the history of Kaza

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    A glimpse in the interior of Deyzor restaurant.

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    Tip 10: Fuel up your car at Kaza(incidentally the highest petrol pump of the world), because the next one would be at Manali

    At dinner,we had a heated argument about next days plan. We had planned to go to Chandratal camp the next day,but the horror stories of the travelers coming from Manali disturbed us greatly (the road was very bad,and reaching Manali the day after tomorrow to catch the evening bus to Delhi was impossible)

    So,next morning we started at 4am.We skipped Chandratal,prayed to Kunzum Mata on the way (at Kunzum pass,where Spiti ends and Lahaul valley begins) for an uneventful journey, crossed 3 icy water rapids on foot,pushed the car as it got stuck in a waterfall,waited patiently in the traffic jam at Manali,and ultimately checked in at 11 pm.

    Tip 11: Do figure in an extra day or two while planning an itinerary for the mountains,you never know what will happen

    Tips12: The journey from Kaza to Manali is the most dangerous one,start early as there are many waterfalls running along or across the road. The water level rises with the sun climbing up the sky and melting the snow.

    Tips13: Never argue with your driver. Remember he knows these mountains better than you.

    Our car stuck in a water crossing


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    If you wish about the folk stories of these places, click here.

    Best time to visitJune to September

    ( distance is immaterial in these mountains,so I will give you the time to travel between places)

    • Delhi to Shimla/Narkanda- 12hrs(or you can fly directly to Shimla….book early to get really cheap prices)
    • Narkanda to Saharan- 2hours
    • Saharan to Sangla- 3hours
    • Sangla to Chitkul and back- 2hours
    • Sangla to Kalpa- 4hours
    • Kalpa to Dhankar (without going toGeyu)–7hours
    • Dhankar to Mud via Lhalung- 3hours
    • Mud to Kaza- 3hours
    • Kaza siteseeing- 3-4hrs.
    • Kaza to Manali- only God can predict
    Ideal itinerary:

    D1- Delhi to Narkanda/Saharan
    D2- Sangla/Chitkul
    D3- Kalpa
    D4- Dhankar( no point of staying at Nako or Tabo,Dhankar is just fabulous)
    D5- Mud,Pin valley( u can add a day or two )
    D6- Kaza( can add another day for stay at any of the nearby villages)
    D7- Chandratal lake camp(book ahead)
    D8- Manali
    D9- reserve day.
    We completed the tour in 6days(!!!)


    • -Jamaica ( He organised the whole tour for us) 9418200183- Travel Spiti
    • -The blog of Vargis Khan
    • -the people of Spiti
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    Beautifully penned Sayantan.............. :)
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    A great write up and beautiful pictures Sayantan Bhai

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