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  1. saravana kumar

    saravana kumar New Member

    I am planning to ride from Srinagar to leh in the month of September first week , would need your suggestion on that .
    if i take the bike from Srinagar can i ride the same to Leh & Ladakh ?
  2. You can ride that bike only till Leh. For the local sightseeing like Nubra, Oangong Etc. you will have to rent local Leh bike
  3. Vargis Bhai do we have a whatsapp group of members to interact with
  4. Vargis Khan

    Vargis Khan Administrator Staff Member

    Not yet Jitender Bhai because there aren't many active members yet to be honest but this is a great suggestion. Leave me your number please and I will create a group. We can continue adding people later.
  5. Great 9888867679

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