suggestions required: srinagar - leh - manali - spiti

Discussion in 'Travel Partners' started by anandh ram, Apr 16, 2019.

  1. anandh ram

    anandh ram New Member

    hello ,
    we are planning bike ride from chandigarh -->srinagar -->leh --> Tso --> Manali -->spiti ->manali-->chandigarh
    Please suggest if any best routes.
    I like to know the temperature at night in tso ,spiti and leh beacuse we are planning to buy a tent and sleeping bag. or any suggestions here please?
  2. Anshu

    Anshu New Member

    You can take the following route:
    chandigarh -->srinagar -->leh --> Tso --> Manali -->spiti ->Shimla-->Chandigarh
    You can skip manali.
    Then route be like:
    chandigarh -->srinagar -->leh --> Tso --> Gramphu-->spiti ->Shimla-->Chandigarh
    There is not much in manali. and skipping it will not make any hard difference.
    About the temperature question.
    It depends on the timeline you're visiting in. But it going to be cold at night.
    At leh: At day:10-20 degrees, At night: -5-5 degrees. Same goes for kaza as well.
    At Tso: It is going to cold even in day time ranging temperature between -10 - 5 degrees. -10 - -5 degrees.

    IN MY OPINION: After you leave from leh till Spiti, You are going to stay at altitude of more than 4000 meters for 5-6 days. Chances of you to get AMS is too high. moreover you won't find any proper medications after leh till spiti. Kindly take precautions for that.

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