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    Day 1 - Delhi To Ranikhet

    With 3 days leave in hand, I have been thinking of a place not far from Delhi and while reading about the various places online, I came across the name of a small town called Kausani.

    Set at an altitude of over 6075 ft (1890 mt) above sea level, the hill resort of Kausani is surrounded by snow-capped mountains and imagination-stirring scenic beauty, which has earned it the moniker the 'Switzerland of India'. Besides being the birthplace of the famous poet Sumitra Nandan Pant, the place is also visited by Mahatma Gandhi who was so enamored of its dazzling natural beauty. Originally known as Valna, the mesmerizing hill resort of Kausani offers the ultimate vacation creating the romantic environment.

    I decided to visit this place and joining me once again was my close friend Shoaib.We started at 5am towards the town of Rampur.

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    I knew that UP roads are always in bad condition but the road towards Rampur was worse than I imagined. No matter how hard I tried, we couldn?t gain a speed of more than 40kms/ hour. By noon, we both reached Rampur from where someone suggested us that rather than carrying on the highway, we take a different road towards Nainital which has very less traffic and is in very good condition as compared to the highway. We turned on the road that he suggested and found that he was right. Traffic on this road was minimum and the ride was super smooth. Within 90 minutes, we crossed Nainital and continued the journey towards Kausani. Near Nainital, we decided to take a dip in a river.

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    By 4 pm, Shoyab started to get very tired and once he dozed off sitting on the bike behind me. He suggested that rather than continuing to Kausani, we break the journey at Ranikhet for the night and go to Kausani the next day. None of us has slept the night before and even I was in a pretty bad condition so I readily agreed. By 6 pm, we reached Ranikhet and decided to halt for the night.

    Ranikhet is a year-round destination that attracts tourists from all over the country and outside. An idyllic hill station in Kumaon, Ranikhet has been a summer retreat for many city-jaded souls from the sun-scorched plains.

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    Another place to be called Switzerland of India, like so many other hill stations
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    So true
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    Khajjiar is also known by the same name
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    Is it the same as Kasauli?
  8. Vargis Khan

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    No both are different
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    Continuing to day 2

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