Three Musketeers in Ladakh.... With a 13 Year old Cutie Pie

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    We followed the instructions given to us and drove with the lake with a couple of pic stops in between.


    Although the weather was gloomy still managed some close shots


    The Road we Drove

    The Road ahead

    It was time to say Goodbye to Pangong and move right towards Chushul

    Snow fall on the higher mountain region

    Surprisingly the sky did open a little bit when we reached Chushul but only for about 10 minutes. Amazed how quickly the weather changes here.

    Chushul looks like a ghost town and could not find anyone to ask our way as there were many tracks going through the village.
    Finally after some time we managed to find couple of people. They directed us to a way and where we did not find any Army check post as informed in most of the Blogs. I think the track we were directed must have by passed the check post.

    The road conditions remained same and weather got bad again as it started to rain.

    The road we traveled after crossing Chushul

    The Road Ahead

    Cheers !!!
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    m enjoying :p:rolleyes:
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    Awesome trip Jitender Bhai .... Loving it
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    thanks bro............
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    Thanks Pooja..........
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    Jitender Bhai which camera do you have?
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    Bro it is Canon 1200D with extra 55-250mm lens.

    But some pics shot are also from the mobile of Sunit. So its mix and match
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    Those last couple of shots of Wagon R are awesome
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    Thanks Buddy
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    It took us another hour to reach Rezangla Memorial which was created in the remembrance of the brave soldiers of 13 Battalion of Kumaon Regiment, deployed under the leadership of Major Shaitan Singh, during the 1962 Indo-China War.


    The road from Rezangla till Tsagala seemed like an endless journey traveling on loose gravel & stones.

    I think the bad weather outside made it more difficult and monotonous for us. Had heard a lot from everyone about the scenic beauty of this drive but we were deprived from it due to clouds blocking the view.

    We did not meet anyone traveling on this stretch as the conditions were not favorable to travel.

    Just re informing that today was 22nd Sep. The day when Leh - Manali road was closed due to bad weather and many tourists got stuck in Pang, Sarchu and other places who were later airlifted to safety after 4-5 days. 22nd night also saw widespread rainfall in Himachal Pradesh resulting in landslides and the cloud burst in Manali where Volvo buses were swept away.

    We did meet some locals on the way. The very famous Kiangs :D

    The so called road was in a bad shape and for the first time we witnessed an actual water crossing just before Tsagala

    Soon we approached the 14500 ft pass Tsaga la with China in your left side and you would find lots of army outposts at your left on top of mountains which are Indian Army check posts.

    It had started to snow when we reached the pass, so we decided to descend to the other side of the pass. Just about 2 kms down the pass we saw a small tea shop being run by a local in a tent.

    It was time for the much needed Tea Break. The time was around 12.30 PM.

    This guy seems to be enjoying his lunch in this weather. You can see the snow flakes still falling but the intensity was less

    After Tsaga, you would start finding more green and reason is nothing but you are approaching Loma bend and there you are meeting mighty Indus.


    Finally we found tarred road for the first time after Pangong.......

    In about an hour we reached Loma Bend where the road to Hanley bifurcates. Loma is another place where permits were checked. It was a welcome surprise to see a lady officer heading the post there. I had a word with her and inquired about if we could go to Hanle. She said it was upto us to decide if we wanted to go as we had the permits. But looking at the overcast sky, I informed her that we will skip Hanle and will go to Tso Moriri instead. All she said " I think you have made a correct decision"

    I kept Hanle in my wishlist to do it next time and headed towards Nyoma.

    After crossing Loma, we saw different colour of soil and red coloured mountains all around - it was a magnificent view of that region near Nyoma. Had another stop in Nyoma for a lunch and continued our journey towards Mahe bridge where we need to turn Left for Tso Moriri.

    This is the point where the things went out of control. The ITBP and J&K police had barricaded the road going towards Tso Moriri. On inquiring we learnt that there were orders from the DC Leh and the Army not to let anyone venture towards Leh - Manali road as heavy snowfall has blocked the traffic and weather predictions were not good for the coming night.

    This came as a shocker to us as we had skipped Hanle for Tso Moriri. We tried to outsmart them stating that we had no intentions to go towards Debring and will come back this route after visiting Tso Moriri tomorrow. But they were in no mood to listen and showed us the way to Leh. :(

    After arguing for some time we knew it was no use. We heavy heart we kept driving straight and took the Leh - Chumathang Road. We were informed that the road via Chumathang was in good condition. WELL !! what to say........... 90% of the road from Mahe Bridge till Upshi is under construction and in very bad state.

    The only one shot we clicked on the way was of the hot water springs in Chumathang.

    We started from Mahe bridge around 3.00 PM and reached Upshi around 8.00 PM covering just around 120 kms. It was a back breaking journey for all of us plus the morale was very low.

    The Cutie Pie also suffered the first setback in this stretch and by the time we reached Upshi the person on the drivers seat could easily judge that the Wheel alignment was out of shape. Before this track we had driven on bad roads for almost last 2 days with out any trouble.

    After reaching Upshi we first made some phone calls back home to inform about our well being. They all were really worried due to the news trickling in of bad weather.

    After a cup of tea it was time to figure out where to stay for the night. FYI the road from Upshi to Manali was also blocked by ITBP.

    After some discussion, we decided to once again seek help from Mr. Karma and called him. He too was worried about us and informed us to reach Choglamsar, where her sister runs a GH named Potala Palace. It was raining heavily and we started to drive towards Choglamsar. The 45 kms drive took us another one and a half hour.

    By the time we reached the GH it was already 10.00 PM.

    Thankfully Karma's Sister, the owner of the GH was eagerly waiting for us. She gave us the room which had a geyser which was already switched on for us.
    After refreshing, the dinner was served to us in no time as it was already late. As per The GH owner she had never seen such heavy rains in the month of Sep for the last 16 years.

    It was time to sleep as we all were dead tired physically and also mentally due to the unexpected turn of events.

    FYI....... It continued raining till next morning.................

    Cheers !!!!
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