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    Hi guys

    I am planning a trip to Chanshal pass. I have couple of questions; please advise.
    Starting point & time: Gurgaon @ approx 4-5 AM
    Dates: 11 Oct to 15 Oct OR 28 Oct to 1 Nov.
    Riders: Self + female pillion
    Ride: CBR 250 R, 2016, 35000 Kms on the Odo.
    Max Kms done in 1 day (Early Morning to Evening): 601 Kms (Gurgaon to Manali)
    Target: To reach Rohru on Day 1
    Advise requests:
    1) Road conditions
    2) There are 3 routes to Chanshal pass: (a) Gurgaon - Shimla – Fagu – Theog – Kharapatthar – Hatkoti – Rohru, (b) Gurgaon - Shimla - Fagu - Theog - Narkanda - Tikkar - Rohru (c) Gurgaon - Chakrata – Deoban – Tiuni – Arakot – Hatkoti – Rohru.
    Please advise which is the best route in terms of road conditions & travelling with a female pillion.
    3) Picturesque places near & around Chanshal pass.
    4) Snow availability in & around Chanshal Pass.
    5) Any other destination where we can get snow.

    Thanks in advance
    DOTHRAS CHEK ...!!!
  2. Vargis Khan

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    Hello Dr. Zeeshan - If you want to make it to Rohru on the same day, I would advise that you start by 4, do not delay. The Kharapatthar route is the worst one, avoid that. Head straight to Narkanda and reach Tikkar from there to arrive at Rohru. This way, the only bad stretch will be between Narkanda and Tikkar, rest will be about OK. Reach Rohru via Narkanda and return via Chakrata.

    Until Chakrata, the road is good and after that, it is a mix of good bad and ugly between Chakrata and Rohru. Mostly it is about average.

    There is nothing there around Chanshal really, the ride from Rohru to Chanshal is quite scenic. If you have time, descend on the other side towards Dodra Kwar, stay at PWD guest house in Dodra for the night and come back the next way. I doubt there will be any snow around October there. Quite honestly, only chance of finding snow right now will either be at Rohtang Pass or somewhere in Ladakh.

    Take a look at this post.
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  3. Dr. Syed Zeeshan

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    Thanks a lot brother...this is very helpful

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