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    Hello Mr Vargis Khan,
    My husband and myself have planned a trip to Spiti valley from 29.09.17. We reach Chandigarh airport on 29th Sept, 7am in the morning. Our itinerary is as follows.
    Day 1- Leave for Narkanda from Chandigarh. We do not wish to stay at Shimla as we both find it too crowded.
    On reaching Narkanda we will visit the Hatu peak for sunset.
    Day 2- Leave for Sarahan from Narkanda. Visit the Bhimkali Temple and the bird sanctuary.
    Day 3- We move towards Sangla in the morning. On reaching we will see the Nages god temple and Kamru Fort.
    Day 4- We will visit Chitkul in the morning and later in the day leave for Kalpa.
    Day 5- From Kalpa we move towards Tabo. O/N at Tabo.
    Day 6- This morning we move towards Pin valley, en route visit Dhankar monastery and Dhankar lake.
    Day 7- Trek to Pin valley national park.
    Day 8- Pin valley to Kaza. Visit Key, Kibber, Gette, Tashigang. O/N at Kaza.
    Day 9- Kaza to Hikkim, Komik village, Langza. O/N at Kaza.
    Day 10- Kaza-Kunzum pass-Chandratal lake. O/N at lake camps.
    Day 11- In the morning we hike upto the lake again. Then after breakfast we leave for Kullu via the Rohtang pass. We again do not wish to stay at Manali.
    Day 12- Visit Manikaran and later on leave for Chandigarh.

    Please suggest if any modifications needs to be done in the above itinerary.
    I have a few questions here:
    1) Is the road to Hatu peak safe to walk? As in no danger from any mortal being, specially after sunset. We wish to walk upto the peak instead of going by car.
    2) We wish to visit the Pin valley national park. Can we do this trek on day 7 from Pin village and return back the same day?
    3) We have one extra day at the end of the trip as we return on 14th October, so can you suggest how should we use the extra day?
    4) This one is very important- can you please provide us with the names and contact numbers of some drivers who can be our guide and companion in this trip. We are particularly looking for people from Spiti valley as they are very warm and friendly.
    Lastly your website is truly very helpful and informative. We cannot thank you enough for the amazing work you have done. This has made our search less tiring and hassle free.
    Our warm regards.
  2. Vargis Khan

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    Hello Mrs. Sarkar,

    Your itinearay looks good enough. You have planned it well. I will only suggest a stay at Nako as compared to Tabo. I find Nako to be more scenic and a better place to stay in terms of views, my personal opinion. Coming to your questions,

    1. Narkanda to Hatu Peak is quite a long walk, almost 11 kilometers of walking uphill through a dense forest. There is wildlife around in the forest and a greater risk is of the local dogs.I have made this mistake myself and almost got attacked by a pack of about 11-12 dogs. Only difference was I wanted to catch the sunrise and decided to walk alone in the dark, early in the morning before sun came up. Please do not do it. I would strongly advise against it. Take your car, it is better that way.

    2. You will have to reach the Mud village in Pin Valley. Once you get there, hire a local guide for a day of trekking.

    3. I strongly recommend staying at Chitkul, much better place than Sangla. It is my favorite in all of the hill stations I have ever visited. Once you reach there, decide if you want to use the extra day to spend in Chitkul. Very serene place, specially for couples (no offense meant).

    4. I do not really have any contacts with drivers but you may contact Jamaica in Kaza @ 9418200183. He runs a hotel in Kaza and a campsite at Chandratal and will help you with arranging a good driver. I know him personally and he is a jolly good fellow. Let him know you got his number from me and he will take good care of you. I will highly recommend to stay with him at both Kaza and Chandratal.

    I am glad that the information provided on my blog was of help. If you need any further help, please feel free to ask.
  3. Payel Sarkar

    Payel Sarkar New Member

    Hello Mr Vargis Khan,

    I am truly grateful to you for replying to my queries. Thanks a lot for taking all the pain to return back to us with your valuable inputs. By the way, no offense taken when you meant Chitkul is a serene place for couples.

    My sincerest gratitude. May God bless you.

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