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    Solo Bike Ride to Sach Pass, Spiti and Kinnaur Valley

    Pictures of Day 5 & Day 6 are not able to view. Might be some updation problem. Please check it
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    Delhi to Leh

    I saw this review in Tripadvisor. I think it might be useful. Hey, i successfully came to Leh Yesterday (05-Sep). My total journey from Hyd-Leh was around 15 hours including layover time at Delhi Airport. The Airlines and Airport are doing their best in Covid Situation. So, if you are little...
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    RIDE TO K.I.S.S.

    Surely we will try to visit in 2021. You have already increased our curiosity by your pictures .
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    Pin Parvati Pass Trek - A Spellbinding Experience

    Really you have enjoyed a wonderful and Thrilling experience . The Pictures of the snow clad mountains and particularly the mountain with the waterfalls looks very beautiful . NICE.
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    RIDE TO K.I.S.S.

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    RIDE TO K.I.S.S.

    Those Mountains near the lakes look entirely different. Beautiful. Though the lake is not as magnificent as Pangong , The surroundings are very beautiful and looks more beautiful by your pictures.
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    RIDE TO K.I.S.S.

    Really those drivers are very courageous. Though I have already read your experiences, again I would like to read few more times due to your presentation and the pictures you have taken. Simply Superb....
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    Mount Batur Sunrise Trek - Experience of a Lifetime

    Dear Friend, Actually I saw Sajjal Ji's travelogue's uploaded in our site. But it was not found now. What happened Bhai?
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    Thank you Sajjal Ji. And Welcome to Road ragas. What is your plan for this year?
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    Ladakh trip with Turtuk and Tso Moriri

    Dear Shruthi, We went there in September 2019. In our experience , I can give some suggestions. The Days 1,2,3,4,9 & 10 you can follow the same. For the balance better try this, Day 5:- Leh to Hunder. Halt at Hunder. Day 6:- Hunder to Turtuk day trip and back to Hunder...
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    Sikkim calling

    We went to Sikkim 5 years back. During that time Private Cars were not allowed for Nathu La Pass. I don't know about current situation. Regarding the permits , there were many number of tourist agents who arrange for the same.
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    Spiti Valley - Bike Trip - 2020

    Hi Dear Friend Aman , Nice to see you again. We have also Planned for the Spiti Circuit in May end ( Myself, Krishna and Another Friend of us - a Doctor ) . I think in the dates you have chosen, you could not do the full circuit as the Kunzum and Rohtang...
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    Need a travel partner(couple) for Spiti valley circuit in June. We r doctors.

    Hi Dear Friend Aman , How do you do? So the next trip is decided... Ha...Ha...Myself & krishna with another of our Friend ( He is also a doctor) has decided for the Spiti valley Circuit for 8 Days in May end . Mostly our dates would be from May 24 - 31..( As we have local holidays of 4 days in...
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    Kunzum pass in June

    Hi dear Prashanth 1. Yes. 2. Yes. In June 2nd half you can do the entire spiti circuit. In fact we have planned for the Spiti circuit in May end this year. 3. As you have experience in driving in hilly regions , it would help you to drive in Ladakh. But the roads are not wider when compared to...
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    A List of Homestays in Spiti Valley

    Complete Collection of details of the Accommodations of all the places in Spiti Valley. Very useful. Thank you .
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    Itinerary for Leh-ladakh and Manali circuit - September - 2020

    Dear Prashanth, 1. Yes. You can do the whole circuit in June end. Mahindra TUV will be fine I think.
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    Leh-Ladakh and/or Spiti in Aug-Sep 2020 help.

    Understood. The oneday to be spent in leh is for the acclimatization and to avoid AMS. If it was not necessary you can adjust your plan accordingly. Regarding permit you can arrange them through your hotel ,before arriving in Leh. Just sent your ID's through whatsapp and they will arrange for...
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    Leh-Ladakh and/or Spiti in Aug-Sep 2020 help.

    Dear Anand, reaching Leh in the evening and proceeding to Diskit the next day morning , I don't think it is advisable. Better you take some rest in Leh for one day and visit the nearby places. And regarding Chitkul , Varghis Bhai in many of his logs has mentioned it as a beautiful and worthy...
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    Spiti valley circuit

    Ok . We will wait and book for the tickets. Will look for your updates.
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    Return to Spiti : Experiencing the Magic Once Again

    Very Nice and Detailed Log about the Places. And the Pictures are Beautiful. You have made this trip in the month of May. But not crossed snow in any places except in Rohtang? Overall a wonderful Log Bhai.