spiti valley


    RIDE TO K.I.S.S.

    Spiti Valley Solo Ride. " Adventuring Alone will be The Scariest , But most Liberating & Life Changing Experience of Your Life. DO IT AT LEAST ONCE ! " My name is SAJAL SHETH & My age is 53. I am a share sub-broker by profession, based in Cuttack, Odisha. This time I rode to Spiti Valley from...
  2. A

    Spiti Valley - Bike Trip - 2020

    Hellow Adventurists, Biking Rodeo 2020 is in!! We are a bike adventurist group of 5 and all excited to hit the Majestic Spiti Valley this year. Our preferred dates now are May 23 - May 31, 2020 (flexible though). We will have a back-up vehicle backing us up for our entire trip (Our Cost). So...
  3. V

    Spiti with pillion on Apache 180

    I want to go Spiti Valley on Apache 180 with a pillion . Wanna to start On 3 October from Chandigarh and wana back to Chandigarh at 10 October. Anyone wana to join or any suggestions please tell me I haven't decided anything yet. You can also contact me at www.instagram.com/being.the.traveller
  4. S

    Spiti - Aug 2019

    Hi, We 2 people wish to visit Spiti between 11th Aug - 18th Aug and planning to travel by public transport. Kindly suggest suitable itinerary. Will it be better to start the journey from Chandigarh or Delhi?
  5. N

    Spiti circuit trip itinerary help

    Hi Vargis, What a great piece of work you have done I must say!! Complete information is provided with such useful information for planning trips! Thank you so much for it! I have planned the following itinerary for 10 Days Spiti circuit trip Mumbai - Chandigarh - Narkanda/Sarahan (Stay) -...
  6. dangnoi4

    Please correct my Itinerary "Shimla - Kaza in April"

    Namaste Ji , I'm Joy from Thailand. i plan to going solo to Spiti in April by public transportation. I know it's not a good time for that place. :D I will go alone that's why i want to prepare and research about this route. i have million question in my mind. please help me and correct my...
  7. G

    Shimla to Kaza Starting October 2?

    Hi Vargis, First of all we'd like to thank you for the wealth of information you've posted on your website. It is incredibly useful and we are very impressed by the details you have included to help fellow travel enthusiasts along their journeys. We are a couple hoping to travel by motorcycle...
  8. R

    pangi valley -kishtwar with spiti valley in 15days

    hello , we are planning a road trip to himachal in suv and wanted your guidance in connection with the routes. is it possible for us to cover lahaul&spiti with pangi valley via kishtwar in 15 days (if i start my 15 days journey from shimla).thanks
  9. A

    planning to visit spiti valley from Delhi from 21st to 25th august 2018

    first of all help me with your piece of advice whether is it safe to travel during the above said period to Spiti Valley ? if it is safe then kindly help me with itinerary from Delhi to Spiti Valley as i am planning to travel in my own car Swift Dzire.
  10. Rahul Swa

    Looking for Solo Traveller From 12 Sep. Leh, Nubra, Pangong, Tso Moriri and Chandra Taal

    I'm travelling solo n looking for another solo traveller in Sep 2018. I am planning to hire a Xylo for a comfortable journey as per the following itinerary ... 12,13,14 ,15 - Leh (Two wheeler) 16,17,18 - Nubra Valley 19 - Pangong 20 - Tso Moriri 21 - Pang Or Sarchu 22 - Chandra Taal 23 -...

    Travel Partner for 10 Days Spiti Valley Circuit

    hey travellers, i will be taking the spiti valley circuit on solo travel between 22nd sept to 1st october. anyone who want to join DM me. insta profile - varungoesbeyond
  12. K

    Manali- Spiti- Manali- 27 Aug- 7 days

    Hi All, I am planning for a solo bike trip to Spiti starting and ending in Manali and will be 6-7 days. Anyone who is interested can join us and we can all enjoy a travel buddy's company. I am planning to rent the bike from Manali. So any advice for the trip is most welcome and any particular...
  13. P

    Suggestions required for Spiti trip

    Hello Everyone, Good Morning. We are planning to go to Spiti valley (Aug 10-19,2018). However we are confused either to start from Shimla and end at Manali(Option 1) OR Start from Manali and end at Manali(Option 2) because option 1 in August, Shimla to Manali is prone to landslides is what we...
  14. SANOOP V

    Spiti Valley bike trip from Surat(Gujartat). Route- Surat-Shimla-Manali-Surat

    I'm planning to visit spiti valley on my bike from gujrat. As I'm travelling alone, looking for bikers from mumbai and gujrat to acompany with. My itinerary will start from 30th Jun to 12th july. June 30, 2018 Surat to Ahmedabad July 01, 2018 Amhedbad to Jaipur July 02, 2018 Jaipur to...
  15. A

    Queries regarding Manali-Nako bicycle trip

    Hi all, Me and my friend is going on a bicycle trip from manali to nako in june. Can you please help me with the following queries regarding the same: - 1. Need to know where to rent the bicycle in manali. 2. Need to know the homestays and camping site while going from manali. 3. Need to...
  16. D

    Spiti Valley by Motorbike 2nd week of Aug. by Motorbike - Partners

    hi All, if anyone is interested in joining pls let me know I plan on leaving from Manali.
  17. Maany

    Solo Backpacking Trip in Spiti & Leh in June/ July ! Anyone wants to join ..

    Hello my co travellers, I will be shooting for a movie in a Spiti during the end of May till beginning of June and then will start the solo traveling. As of now I don’t have any fixed plan but have an idea .. So would be exploring Spiti and mostly doing a trek for few days around Parvati...
  18. H

    Delhi to Spiti valley KAZA , 29th April 2018-5th may 2018

    Hi Vargis. Appreciating your technical help to all the travellers like me. I am planning a trip to Spiti valley Kaza with my friends, Itinerary as followed : - We will reach Delhi airport on 29th April, probably by 2 pm - We have xuv500 for 7 people, Hope you think that its comfortable. -...