Assistance needed on travel at Kinnur Lahaul and Spiti

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  1. Debasish Pal

    Debasish Pal New Member

    Dear Mr Khan

    This is basically on travel quarries on Kinnur Lahaul Spiti.

    Perhaps you can remember us.We are a couple of kolkata aged about 56 and 52 years,Physically fit(though I am smoker)and do not have any problem of sugar and high blood pressure.
    we don't have much experience to travel at high altitude area.
    But this year we have planned to travel at Kinnur,lahaul,Spiti area in the last week of August to 1st and 2nd week of September.
    Our tour plan almost would be like your model tour plan staring from Shimla side to Manali via Kunzum pass and Chandratal.
    But we have some doubts whether it will be possible to complete this tour or not .We need your assistance and valuable advice to minimize all these before finalizing the itinerary.

    1.Probably we shall start 29th August from Kolkata by train and shall arrive at Ambala on 30th August (next day at about 2.00p.m)
    the following are the tentative night stays:-
    Shimla-2nights,Narkanda1night,Chitkul/Sangla-1night,Kalpa-1night,Tabo-1night,Pin valley 1night,Kaza-2nights,Batal-1night via chandratal,Manali or any other place near Manali-2nights,Chandigarh-1 night.

    The places of interest to be covered in this tentative plan would be exactly as per your model itinerary.
    this is rough plan and can be altered subject to your advice and inputs.

    2.Cost is the biggest concern of this tour.We are two persons only and it will be impossible to hire a SUV type car for 3500-3500 per day for nine days at least up-to Manali. Small car like Santro/Etios is not safe at high altitude passes for ground clearance as advised by you.
    We have enough time also to complete this tour by public transport .In fact we have 03 more nights in hand .
    But we are in dilemma whether we can complete this tour entirely by public transport at this age
    Another issue is the cost of accommodation at different places.We have the contact nos of PWD rest houses .But in practice either most of them don't work or It is very difficult to get confirmation beforehand from the authorized person from a particular rest house.
    if we don't get that ,private accommodations would escalate cost further.
    We look forward for your valuable advice and active assistance to remove these bottlenecks.

    3.Lastly ,we are afraid about altitude sickness.I personally felt at GURUDONGMAR and ZERO POINT Of Sikkim when we visited these places from Lachen. though My wife was Fit.
    Interestingly we did not feel any problem at Sangla when we stayed at night at about 10 years back and visited this place from Sarahan.
    I had gone through your blogs to bit altitude sickness.Still we expect more on this from you.

    We do not have enough woolen garments also but that will not be a big problem.we can purchase it either from Ambala or from Shimla.

    We depend and trust on you.
    Hope ,Ultimately we can complete this tour with fullest enjoyment.

  2. Debasish Pal

    Debasish Pal New Member

    I expect some valuable feedback from my friends especially from Mr Khan.

  3. Vargis Khan

    Vargis Khan Administrator Staff Member

    Hello Mr. Pal,

    1. In terms of the timings, yes the trip is doable and your itinerary looks all right as well.
    2. It would be extremely tough to cover this trip completely by public transport. These are going to be ordinary, uncomfortable and even crowded buses. With all your luggage, it won't even feel like a vacation. I wouldn't recommend it, especially with your wife.
    3. I am not really sure what your budget for the trip is and I won't offend you by asking. I can however recommend you a known person of mine in Shimla. His name is Sushil Sharma and you can contact him @ 8894557299. He runs a taxi agency in Shimla. Please talk to him. Give my reference and see if the amount he is quoting for 9 days fits your budget.
    4. PWD rest houses is really a 'luck by chance' deal. Please talk to Sushil and see if he can arrange your accommodation as well at budget places.
  4. Debasish Pal

    Debasish Pal New Member

    Dear Mr. Khan ,

    Extremely sorry for late reply.
    I shall definitely contact with Mr.Sharma specially for arrangement of a car from Shimla to Chandigarh(drop)as advised by you.
    It will take at least 12 days cover the entire tour with Parasar lake(near Mandi) on the 11th day.
    Else ,we will be charged for 09 days up-to Manali on 9th day
    We can afford maximum Rs2200-2300 per day for car including everything.
    But at this cost ,probably, we will not get any small type car even, like Santro/Etios which are not safe also at this route.
    Please Opine on this point as I told you earlier that the cost is the biggest concern for us.
    To tell you frankly ,Rs 48000-50000/-is our maximum limit to spend for this 15-16 days tour including everything.
    Sir,please reexamine our tour plan once again and you have every right to alter this tour plan which may suits us more.

    We may push our journey to the 2nd week of September to avoid the chance of retired monsoon.

    Please keep in touch with us .

  5. Vargis Khan

    Vargis Khan Administrator Staff Member

    Hello Mr. Paul,

    Please talk to Mr. Sharma in Shimla and see if he is able to manage the journey in your said budget.
  6. Debasish Pal

    Debasish Pal New Member

    Dear Mr Khan
    we need your useful suggestions on the following points:-
    1.Is Suv type car is a must to travel in this route for better ground clearance of Santro/Alto type small car can do? do get rid of altitude sickness ?
    3.Is it the better time to travel in the route in the 2nd and 3rd week of September than to travel in the last week of august and 1st week of September?

  7. Vargis Khan

    Vargis Khan Administrator Staff Member

    Hello Mr. Pal,

    1. Yes it is better that way.
    2. Since you are starting from Shimla, it will not be a concern. Just take plenty of rest and do not exhaust yourself.
    3. 2nd and 3rd week is better coz Monsoon would be long gone by then so lesser risk of rains.

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