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    Day 1 - Delhi To Chail

    Like many other trips, plan to cross Jalori Pass and visit Tirthan valley was also made only a few days in advance. This time it was only going to be 3 of us. Gunjit, Sunny and I on my Royal Enfield and Sunny's CBZ. I had been on many motorcycle trips but for Gunjit and Sunny, it was going to be their 1st one.
    Alarms went off early in this trip as I noticed a weird creaking sound from Enfield's rear tyre. It was 5 o'clock in the morning and no mechanic was going to be available for another 4 hours at least. It was going to be a long of day of riding so we could not afford to wait for a mechanic and start that late from Delhi so keeping my fingers crossed, we started from my place at around 5.20 and with hopes of finding a mechanic on the way and that the creaking noise won't turn into something serious.

    First stop came at Moorthal. Time for breakfast that consisted of Aaloo ka paranthas and tea.




  2. Vargis Khan

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    Progress was way slower than expected and it was 1 Pm by the time we reached Chandigarh and turned towards Shimla. Initially the plan was to reach Narkanda the 1st day, a place that both Gunjit and I had been to multiple times, but considering the fact that we were not riding fast enough it had to be reconsidered and Chail was agreed upon as the destination for today.






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    It was late November so the sun came down early and it was almost sunset by the time we checked into a hotel at Chail, a comfortable room for 3 at a reasonable price of Rs. 600 for the night. Leaving our luggage in the hotel room, we hurried to Kali ka Tibba to witness the most amazing sunset i have ever seen in my life.



    It soon got dark and we made our way back to the hotel. Had dinner at a nearby restaurant and it was time to call it a day.
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    Nice sunset view
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    Day 2 - Chail To Jalori Pass To Ghiagi

    Got up early the next day, checked out and continued our journey towards Kufri. We were at Kufri by 9 am, had breakfast and continued towards Narkanda. Sunny had never been to Narkanda so he was pretty excited to see the place, which is actually nothing but a very peaceful small village. I thought of visiting Hatu Peak on our way but later gave up on the idea. We reached Narkanda at 11 am, got something to eat and continued towards Jalori Pass.





  6. Vargis Khan

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    The beauty of this place made me wonder how amazing and paradise-like it must look in Monsoon.





  7. Vargis Khan

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    We were soon our our ascent to Jalori Pass which proved to be a very difficult with almost no road for the last 5 kms. It was so steep in fact that my Enfield, with 2 people and luggage on it though, remained in 2nd gear for the last few kms. But once we made it to the top, we all knew that it was well worth it.




  8. Vargis Khan

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    We stayed for a while at Jalori Top and then descended towards Ghiagi, where i had already called and booked a room in Shirangi Vatika.



    We checked into Shirangi Vatika and had dinner which by the way was horrible. The owners of Shirangi Vatika, an elderly couple turned out to be very good hosts but terrible cooks.
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    Day 3 - Ghiagi To Chhehni Kothi To Tirthan Valley To Ghiagi

    Plan for today was to stay at Shirangi and visit nearby areas. We consulted ours hots and then decied to visit chehni kothi, continue to Tirthan Valley and then come back to Ghiagi.

    Chhehni Kothi turned out to be quite a mysterious place, like the ones you see in movies where the tourists go, get trapped and then brutally murdered later. This whole village has an air of weirdness around it with a the locals giving you strange looks and a strange temple in a tower that you are not allowed to enter. When asked why, we were told that it might upset the gods. So apparently, Gods in that temple do not want anyone visiting and worshipping them.



  10. Vargis Khan

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    We tracked down from Chhehni Kothi and carried on towards Tirthan Valley, where we had planned to have dinner at Himalayan Trout House.










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