Bike the Spiti Valley - May 24 - May 31 - 2020

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    Hellya Adventurists,

    Biking Rodeo 2020 is in!!

    We are a Bike adventurist group of 5 and all excited to hit the Majestic Spiti Valley this year. Ours full circuit bike tour includes Kalpa, Kabo, Nako, Tabo, Kaza & the tranquil Chandrataal.

    Our preferred dates are May 23 - May 31, 2020 (flexible though).

    We will have a back-up vehicle with mechanic, life essential support, oxygen cylinders & to hold our bags for our entire journey.

    So hey, if spirits are sagging and life requires little extra lift, say Yeyy to Spiti!!
    Whats app today at +91-93245-46369!

    We would love to share our detailed itinerary including imp travel trivia such as stops, hotels, costs, weather, packing lists, safety hazards & emergency gear.

    We are all working professional couples and are not a business group.
    We are here for fun.
    Group safety is everybody's top priority.

    So, Please come for fun :) and please be a safe player.
    Welcome !!

    Aman Agrawal
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