Camping At Deoria Taal

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    Day 3 - Deoria Taal To Rishikesh

    Night at Deorial was an uncomfortable one. After a few hours of restless sleep, we all were up early in the morning and were amazed by the sorroundings which we did not see last night because we got here after dark. With a lake and forest on one side and the majestic Chaukhamba and Kedarnath peak on other, tt was a perfect setting, like something that i had only seen in the movies before.










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    We walked around enjoying the scenery for a few hours. After having our morning tea at the small dhaba, it was time to start trekking down to Saari and this is when i realised how steep the climb us. Good thing we climbed up in the dark because that way we couldnt see the difficult path ahead, just kept climbing up.

    Upon reaching Saari, the big question of "What now?" came up. While i was in favor of returning to Delhi the same day, Gunjit was against the idea of driving all the way back. Shoiab on the other hand was very interested in camping at Rishikesh for the night and continue to Delhi tomorrow. We tried voting but could not reach a unaninous decision. With the thought in mind that we will think about it when we reach Devprayag, and after having lunch at Saari, the drive back home started.

    Because of the restless night at Devprayag, Gunjit wanted to take a quick nap in the car and so Sir Shoiab took the steering. After a couple of hours of joy-ride, 2 close calls with other vehicles, everyone sitting and holding onto something in the car, lots of ooh, aahs and ouchs, and Gunjit not able to close his eyes for a minute, it was decided that perhaps it isnt the best idea to let Shoaib drive if we wanted to reach Delhi. So Gunjit was back on the driving seat.

    It was already 5 in the evening when we reached our hotel in Devprayag. We checked out, took our luggage back and even though still in favour of driving back to Delhi, i agreed to the idea of camping at Rishikesh for the night. Gunjit called someone and we were told a 1000 bucks for a camp that can hold 3 people. Thinking it would be 2000 for the group meaning around 350 per head, we agreed. Journey continued towards Rishikesh now with 4 of us in Gunjit's car and Sunny and Shoaib on my motorcycle.


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    It was dark again when we reached the camping site at Rishikesh. The guys at the camp were awesome hosts and we were soon served with tea and pakodas which made me wonder if it is really 350 / head for staying here or did we mis-interpret a 1000 / head for 1000 / camp. However though, since we had already checked in and had pakodas, nothing could be done about. We all sat around the bonfire at the banks of river ganges and thats when we met Roopa.




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    At first we thought there were 3 or 4 puppies because it kept jumping and running around but soon we realised that it was only 1 super active and naughty puppy. Going by the name, our initital impression was that its a female dog but after an unintentional look at an obvious place, we found out that it was in fact a male god but still called Roopa. nonetheless, Roopa kept us all in playful mood and proved to be the cutest puppy i have ever seen.

    Pretty soon dinner was served and with our bellies full, it was time to call it day.



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    Day 4 - Rishikesh To Delhi

    I was again the first one to leave bed and get out of the tent. I walked upto the tent where kitchen was set up and ordered morning tea. After a while, others too started getting up and soon Roopa was again at our feet, biting our shoes and trousers.





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    After some quick photos and a hearty breakfast it was time to pay the bill and we realised that we did indeed misinterpret 100 / head for 1000 / camp. what we paid for the night here equaled our total expense for the trip till now.





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    From here, it was just the boring and dull ride back home but with memories of an awesome trip that all of us were gonna cherish for a lifetime.

    Some random shots on our way back .





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    Thanks everyone for reading
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    I like your simple yet very addictive writing/narration bro. Keep up the good work!

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