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  1. Karthik K M

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    We are group of 6 guys from Chennai planning spiti circuit from sep 7 till sep 13, we will Arrive at Chandigarh airport at morning, hire 2 rental bikes and one car(SUV) and start the trip

    Day 1 - Chandigarh to Manali (320 kms & 8 hrs drive) stay at Manali

    Day 2 - Manali to chandrataal takes 8-9 hours and distance is 140 kms, overnight camp stay at chandrataal

    Day 3 - Chandrataal to Kaza takes 5 hrs drive and distance of around 100 kms, visit key, Komic, Langza, Kibber and overnight stay at Kaza

    Day 4 - Kaza to Nako is 6 hrs drive of 120 kms, on the way we will visit Dhankar (monastry & lake) and via Tabo reach Nako, overnight stay at Nako

    Day 5 - Nako to Sangla is around 4 hours drive of 130 kms, stay at Sangla

    Day 6 - Sangla to Mashobra(Shimla) distanced of 220 kms and time of around 7-8 hours, stay at mashorba club Mahindra resort

    Day 7 - Shimla to Chandigarh around 130 kms and drive of 5 hrs, reach by 12 noon, drop vehicles and head to airport to board flight

    I have read many threads here, I request your help regarding following points,

    1. Reliable good condition rental RE Himalayan or Hero impulse/xpulse bike dealer contacts in Chandigarh to hire one
    2. Stay recommendation and contact details
    3. Hints of important Places to be covered on the route mentioned above
    4. Any alternative options to try for days 5 and 6 mentioned above?

    Your help is much appreciated, Thanks in advance
  2. Surya

    Surya Active Member Staff Member

    Stay at chandratal contact Jamaica - 9418200183

    Day 3 you've missed hikkim post office
    Day 4 pin valley also you can cover if you start little early .
    between tabo and Nako there is gue village famous for mummy.
    Day 5 better stay at chitkul or spend some time there and stay in sangla.
  3. Karthik K M

    Karthik K M New Member

    Thanks a lot

    As we would be travelling over night flight from chennai to Chandigarh and reach Chandigarh by sep 7 morning 7.30 AM, My friend suggested another itinerary, I will share that below, please let us know which is better of the two.
  4. Karthik K M

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    Revised itinerary (From a friend of mine)

    Hi guys...I was speaking to one of the hotel guys for room today...he listened to our itinerary and was kind enough to point out some changes where we will cover all places and avoid acute mountain sickness. So here is the revised itinerary:

    Sept 7: Reach Chandigarh by air around 7.30, Drive Chandigarh to Manali, 8 hrs stay at Manali

    Sept 8 : Manali to sissu. 4hrs stay at sissu

    Sept 9: sissu to chichum via chandrataal. 9 hrs, stay at chichum

    Sept 10: chichum to Nako via Tabo. This day we LL be seeing komic, kaza, langza, kibber and a couple of more places. The hotel manager said that all places are nearby, so we can see all of them in a day. The riding time excluding sight seeing time is 4 hrs to tabo. I am adding another 5 hrs for sightseeing. It's a full day and packed day for us. Stay at Nako

    Sept 11: tabo to sangla, 6 hrs stay at Sangla

    Sept 12: sangla to mashobra, 6hrs. stay at club Mahindra courtesy at mashobra

    Sept 13 : mashobra to Chandigarh, 4 hrs and board flight

    Kindly let me know whether the first shared itinerary itself is achievable or need to relax a bit according to this itinerary ?
  5. Surya

    Surya Active Member Staff Member

    I would prefer first one.
    No point waiting in sissu n chicham
  6. Karthik K M

    Karthik K M New Member

    Thanks a lot , This page is really doing a great job, especially it helps a lot to the new travellers entering Himalayan region

    I would like to know the during of travel mentioned is approximately right between the places or it will take much more time? Just guide me, I have done this based on reading travelogues here..

    Also Can you please suggest some best budget accommodation at Kaza, Nako and Sangla/Chitkul?
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  7. Surya

    Surya Active Member Staff Member

    Time is perfectly good bro . +- 1 hour. It all depends on nature :)
    Chitkul you can directly go and search for a home stay or room u can get in 500-600.
    Nako also u get home stays.

    Kaza u can contact sohail- +919910075134
    Traveller shed

    Or you can contact Jamaica also for kaza he can help u- 9418200183
  8. Karthik K M

    Karthik K M New Member

    Thank you bhai
  9. Surya

    Surya Active Member Staff Member

    Welcome bhai
  10. Karthik K M

    Karthik K M New Member


    Currently is there any issue because of 370 in Jammu & Kashmir, also will there be any problem if we hire zoom car and do the spiti circuit? Our travel dates are from Sep 7 to 13

    We are little worried because of 370 as we have already planned this trip

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