Conquering Sach Pass - An Unforgettable Trip

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    We had plans to visit Ladakh in July 2016, I was so excited about this as I had been planning for this trip since 2008 which never was materialized due to one or the other reason. I did a lot of preparation for this trip however history repeated itself this time as well and I could not make it as my friend could not manage time off from his official responsibilities. In the mean time I came to know that there is a rider’s group planning to conquer Sach Pass in Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh. Though I knew that the road to Sach Pass is among one of the most dangerous roads in the world and as a first timer it would be tough for me to conquer this milestone, however organizer of this trip is an expert Royal Enfield Mechanic and we had a Doctor too in the group who was riding along with us which helped me to arrive at a decision that I am going to do it.


    Day 1:- Delhi to Dalhousie: We were 12 riders, started from Dwarka Sec-7 at around 4O’Clock in the morning on 30th of July 2016 and reached Dalhousie via Ambala, Ludhiana and Pathankot, just before it was dark. It started drizzling once we reached Dalhousie, so we quickly finalised a hotel, untied our bags from the bikes and moved into our rooms. After freshening and some chit chat we had dinner and called it a day.

    Road condition:- Delhi to Pathankot is awesome. Pathankot to Dalhousie Good.


    Day 2:- Dalhousie to Teesa Bhanjraroo: We started from Dalhousie at around 9 in the morning and headed towards Khajjiar where we spent some good time in and around this “Mini Switzerland” as it is popularly called. After having some bread omelette we started heading towards Bairagarh but even before we could reach our destination for the day it started raining and we could see the dark clouds indicating us to take shelter as soon as possible. We decided to take a halt for the day in a place called Teesa Bhanjraroo which is a few kilometres before you reach Bairagarh. We did our planning for the next day, had some general chit chat and went to have dinner at a nearby hotel and called it a day.

    Road condition:- Dalhousie to Teesa Bhanjraroo: There are bad patches in between, you will come across tar roads with small patches where there is no tar at all but the road is mostly easy to ride or drive on.


    Day 3:- Teesa Bhanjraroo to Bairagarh, Sach Pass and Killar: Since this was the day we all have been waiting for we all woke up by 5 in the morning and started our trip by 7:30am. Reached Bairagarh in some time got our bikes fuel tanks and extra cans filled up. Engine oil top up was also done for some bikes. We decided to fill up and carry extra fuel from Bairagarh as this the last petrol pump before we reached Tandi which is around 180km to 200 km. Finally after all those top ups we started heading towards Satrundi. The view was awesome just before reaching Satrundi check post with two water crossings. After reaching we completed all the formalities video graphed ourselves with the bikes and started the challenging ascend towards Sach Pass. Riding on the challenging road or dirt track and enjoying the awesome breathtaking view around we reached Sach Pass. We spent around an hour at Sach Pass in and around the place taking photographs, making videos and offering prayers in the Mandir and started to decend towards Killar. We reached Killar at around 5 or 5:30, finalized a hotel, had dinner and went to bed.

    Road condition:-

    a) Bairagarh to Satrundi: Road is just OK. It is a mix of good and bad with construction work at several places. You will find tar here and there with water crossings in between.

    b) Satrundi to Sach Top: Gravel road, no tar at all. Several water crossings creating lot of slush and it is a steep climb. Dirt road full of stones at some places with loose soil

    c) Sach to Killar – Rocky roads with lose soil and lots of water crossings, no tar at all, tight hairpin bends, lot of slush.

    Caution: Fill up your fuel tanks and extra cans at Bairagarh as not sure if there is a fuel station at Killar and the next fuel station is at Tandi which should be around 180 to 200 km from Bairagarh.





    Day 4:- Killar to Sissu: We started late at around 11 AM as we had few challenges to take care off. My bike’s rear tyre got punctured, one of the riders bike developed a missing issue and another rider had his bikes rear disk bake issue. This is the most beautiful stretch with lot of picturesque, amazing and breathtaking views, specially around the villages on the route, however I was not able to take a lot of photographs as it was raining most of the time. It was already getting dark as we reached Tandi however we all decided to call it a day at Sissu which is a few kilometres from Tandi. At around 8:30 we reached Sissu finalised a hotel, had dinner and went straight to bed.

    Road condition:- Mix of good, bad and OK. Several water crossings and slush in between.


    Day 5:- There wasn’t much of ride on this day, still we started by 9 AM and we had plans to reach Manali by evening. Since there was no hurry to cover some pre decided kilometres so everyone one was riding at a comfortable pace enjoying the scenic beauty around. We took a break at Rohtang, clicked lots of photographs and started descending towards Manali. We reached Manali by3:30 PM and settled in our respective rooms by 4 PM. We had a river side tent and a bonfire party with the group till 9pm. Post dinner by 9:30 we all called it a day as we needed to start early the other day and ride till Delhi which was around 600km.

    Road condition:- Mostly good, a little bad patch just before Rohtang.


    Day 6:- Started our ride back towards Delhi at around 9AM in the morning. The ride till Kullu and Mandi with all the natural beauty around is breathtaking and it’s a refreshing feeling to ride by the river all the way. Once we reached Kiratpur in Punjab most of the riders decided to take a dip in the icy river water canal as it was too hot, due to drastic weather change from Manali to Kiratpur. We lost around three hours in the process and finally started to proceed towards Delhi. It was 1:30PM when we reached Dwarka.

    Road condition:- Manali to Delhi is awesome with just a bad patch in Kullu.


    This was my first long ride but it was such an amazing experience that I am looking forward to Visit Sach Pass again with another group of office friends. This time we might cover Sach Pass first and then move towards Leh from Tandi.
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    Awesome travelogue Ram Bhai .... Ye trip mere bina hi maar aaye, I should hav been with u on this ride .. koi nahi .... main bhi jaldi hi hoke aaoonga
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    Very nice writeup and good pics
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    Very beautifully elaborated Ramprasad ji. Looking forward to join u again as medic.
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    Welcome to RoadRagas Abhimanyu Bhai
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    Very Nice Travelogue with good amount of details. Nice Pics as well.
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    Thank you bhai, koi na saath mein chalenge kisi trip par
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    Thank you Tushar
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    Sure Doctor Saheb
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    Thank you Shekhar

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