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    RERADATH New Member

    myself with 2 cousins planning for a BUS trip to LEH.
    Flights already booked
    onward from HYD/COK to Delhi and return from Leh-Delhi-HYD/COK
    me reaching DEL by 0100 hrs on 05.07.2020, and rest at 0400 hrs
    Planning is to either hire a taxi to Manali, one day at there, and HPTDC bus from there.
    as per varghiskhan notes we are considering Bus from Del to manali.

    rough itinerary is as follows,
    05.07.2020 Del to Manali
    06.07.2020 explore manali
    07.07.2020 Manali to Leh
    08.07.2020 reach Leh by 19.00,
    09.07.2020 Rent a bike(acclimatization) or rent a car and explore Leh
    10.07.2020 Khardungla, Diskit, Hunder, stay at Nubra
    11.07.2020 Pangog tso, panamik, return to Leh
    12.07.2020 0820 hrs retrun flight.

    need help on these issues,
    1) still in doubt about Del to Manali. whether to take taxi or bus, if bus, which one
    2) whether to rent bike or car at Leh. one member of the team doesnt havae two wheeler licence.
    3) stay- whether to go by airbnb or just go there and check
    4) whether vehicle or stay hosts will be able to arrange ILPs.
    5) is there any discrepencies in the itinerary,

    please feel free to point out any other items which i may have overlooked
  2. rajkumar. r

    rajkumar. r Member

    1) For Delhi to Manali , Himachal road transport corporation operates buses of all kinds ,Ordinary buses to Volvo a/c buses from Delhi ISBT Kashmiri gate. You can book it online through HRTC Official Website for Online Bus Ticket Booking -
    2) Two Wheeler licence is must to rent a bike in Leh.
    3)You can directly go to Leh and can check . Lot of Hotels & Guest houses available. If you book online , you will end in paying more.
    4) Most of the Hotels in Leh arrange for permits for the guest staying with them. But they charge around Rs.100/ extra per person.
    5)You have only 3 days for Ladakh. That is not sufficient. As per your schedule from Manali to Leh , You will be travelling to higher altitude within a period of a day.
    Just one day is not enough for acclimatization . Surely it will affect. And on 11.07.2020 travelling from Nubra to Pangong and returning to Leh the same day will be a hectic journey and not advisable. My opinion is , you should increase the number of days for Ladakh or if you don't have the days in hand , it is better you cancel Manali and can fly directly to Leh from Delhi. Manali is not better than Munnar.
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    RERADATH New Member

    Thank you for responding quickly and for you valuable suggestions

    Our main interest is the bus journey via rohtang. So may not be able to eliminate it from itinerary.
    Increasing no of days also out of question.
    So how if we skip manali and start from Manali on 6th itself?
    We may get one more, right?
  4. Vargis Khan

    Vargis Khan Administrator Staff Member

    Your trip is rushed but doable. Keep Manali in your plans. It will help you acclimatize and also find out the bus boarding point, timing etc for the next day.
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    RERADATH New Member

    would you suggest any major alterations in our itinerary
  6. Vargis Khan

    Vargis Khan Administrator Staff Member

    Not unless you can add more days.

    If no then the plan is OK.

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