Found this itinerary for Spiti in Jan/Feb. Is this legit/possible ?

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    Found this itinerary for Jan/Feb. (Yes you're reading that correctly) Is this legit?

    Day 01: Morning train to Chandigarh and drive to Narkanda
    Take the morning Delhi - Chandigarh train. Start driving from Chandigarh through the country side of Punjab and proceed through the foothills of Himachal Pradesh and it's capital Shimla till the picturesque town of Narkanda.Overnight Hotel.
    Day 02: Drive to Kalpa
    We continue driving on National Highway 5 and we soon enter the beautiful Kinnaur district of Himachal. The drive which will take anywhere between 6-8 hours depending on the road conditions. Overnight Hotel in Kalpa.
    Day 03: Drive to Tabo
    Another beautiful drive today to the Village of Tabo in Lahaul-Spiti district. We go through the villages of Pooh, Naako and Sumdo and also see the confluence of Spiti and Stulej rivers. Overnight Homestay at Tabo
    Day 04: Drive to Dhankar and trek to Lalung
    A short drive to Dhankar village and we begin the hike towards Lalung village. It's a leisurely hike towards lalung on rolling terrain. You can see the vast open valley of Spiti towards your left with pristine white snow covering the entire landscape. Overnight at Homestay.
    Day 05: Trek Lalung to Demul
    Day 06: Demul to Komic

    Known as the highest village in Asia, Komic has gained popularity over the years with many visitors in the summer months. But in winters you hardly find anyone in this scenic village at around 4500m. It's one of the longer days on the trip as we cover a lot of distance on the hike. Overnight Homestay in Komic.
    Day 07: Komic to Lanza
    We hike towards Lanza/Langza village with views of the stunning 6300m mountain - Chow Chow Kang Nilda peak which stands right above the village. Overnight Homestay
    Day 08: Drive to Kaza and explore Ki - Kibber
    Drive to Kaza, the main town of Spiti Valley. We drive up to the famous Ki Monastery and onwards towards Kibber, a beautiful high altitude village with views of Mt.Kanamo. We come back to Kaza for the night. Overnight Homestay.
    Day 09: Drive to Kalpa
    Take the long drive back to Kalpa as this is the only way to enter and exit the Spiti Valley in winters with the Kunzum La closed. Overnight hotel in Kalpa.
    Day 10: Drive back to Shimla
    Drive back to Shimla and spend the evening taking a walk in the town.

    The main parts I'm concerned about are days 4,5,6 (i.e the trek parts). Is this actually a route that people follow or is this some kind of scam ?
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    It is doable but whether safe or not will entirely depend upon on the weather.

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