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  1. Dear mr. Vargis khan,
    Please Guide me for the following itinerary for 2 senior citizens from Chennai. Please also suggest me in getting a shared transport.

    03-08-2019 CHENNAI - AMRITSAR
    04-08-2019 AMRITSAR
    05-08-2019 AMRITSAR TO JAMMU
    06-08-2019 JAMMU - VAISNODEVI - JAMMU
    07-08-2019 JAMMU - SRINAGAR
    09-08-2019 SRINAGAR - KARGIL
    10-08-2019 KARGIL - LEH
    11-08-2019 LEH LOCAL
    14-08-2019 PANGONG LAKE - TSO MORIRI
    15-08-2019 TSO MORIRI - LEH
    16-08-2019 LEH
    17-08-2019 LEH - MANALI

    1. Is it possible to travel by shared taxi from Katra - Srinagar?
    2. Is there any agent to book Hotels and transport from Srinagar & Leh?

    With Warm regards
    V. Dhandapani
  2. Vargis Khan

    Vargis Khan Administrator Staff Member

    Hello Mr. Dhandapani,

    1. Finding public or shared transport would be a bit difficult from Katra to Srinagar.
    2. You can contact Rohit in Leh @ 9910722252
  3. rajkumar. r

    rajkumar. r Member

    Mr. Dhandapani, If you want reach Amritsar from chennai in single day , flights available from chennai. Otherwise you can travel by train from chennai to new delhi and new delhi to Amritsar.
    Amritsar to Jammu , frequent trains are available.
    Jammu- Vaishnodevi- buses available in plenty. In Jammu accommadations available in Vaishno devi dham just opposite to Jammu Railway Station ( website :- for all budgets starting from Rs.100/- to Rs. 1700/- ). They are very clean too with canteen inside.
    From Katra you should come back to Jammu for Srinagar Buses or Shared Tempo Travellers ( Plenty available- We went by shared Tempo Traveller from Jammu to Srinagar ).For Srinagar to Gulmarg & Srinagar Sightseeing , it would better if you book a taxi for your own.
    Buses available from Srinagar to Leh and also shared Taxis. ( For details you can check in vargish bhai's blogs )
    For Visiting the places in Ladakh and for Accommadations please check in
    In Srinagar also for accommadation you can stay in Hotel Grand valley Inn- Vargis Bhai has stayed there and given very good reviews.

  4. Vargis Khan

    Vargis Khan Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks Rajkumar Bhai
  5. Thank You verymuch Mr. Rajkumar bhai and Mr. Vargis Khan

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