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    hello friends
    I am Dr Sumit from Mumbai. I practise Ayurveda and from past 20 year’s traversing himalayas go document traditional healers. i have been to kashmir ladakh many times and have documented many amchi and few hakims. i post my interviews and work on youtube channel. This is a voluntary work I do to document traditions and preserve biodiversity.

    This time i wanted to visit inner parts of Kashmir especially Lolab & gurez valley. I know situation of Kashmir regarding 144 and tourism. But as a preplan i wanted certain info. Any help welcomed. I found Mr Vargis khans blog absolutely useful and as suggested by him posting my queries here

    1. I always rent a gearless scooter to ride through valleys and have been accustomed to it even taking them as far as Niti valley. I wanted to know if I can a scooter from srinagar for my trip to gurez lolab. is it feasible doable. I have gone through contacts given by Mr vargis khan in his blog but wanted to ask if they rent scooters for that long period

    2. Wanted to visit stay with locals interview their health care. In that lieu are people welcoming

    3. I was planning late april early may to avoid holiday season. However for better road conditions and plan is october a better season.

    Any help appreciated

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