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    I was recently on a trip to Lansdowne and stayed and stayed at Hotel Mayur Lansdowne for a couple of days. Below is a brief review of how my stay here was and whether or not I will recommend this hotel to anyone. The biggest advantage that this hotel holds in my opinion is that it is right there on the main chowk of Lansdowne. The entire building is painted yellow and it is kind of a little hard to miss. The price tag is a bit on the steep side but that I think is the case with every hotel here. On an overall basis, it is in fact a good hotel to spend some time in Lansdowne. It is nothing of a luxury or resort kind of deal but a few clean and comfortable rooms right in dead center of the town.


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    Lansdowne is really a bit tricky when it comes to hotels. The first thing you got to know is that without booking in advance, you may not find a place to stay here at all. Due to its close proximity with cities like Delhi and Meerut, it is a favorite destination for weekend getaways. You can make it to Lansdowne from Delhi in a matter of 6 hours due to which, it mostly remains full during weekends. A lot of people drive here on a Saturday for a short trip and return home on Sunday. You will most definitely and very easily find a hotel here on weekdays but weekends are usually all packed at all hotels.

    Now due to this increase in demand, the price too is quite steep. If you planning to be here on a Saturday or Sunday, expect the hotel price to range somewhere between Rs. 2000 to Rs. 2500 at least; and that too for an average hotel. The luxury ones will cost you way more.

    Hotel Mayur too falls in the same category. If you come here from Monday to Friday, the price will be about Rs. 1500 for a room. If you came on a Saturday or Sunday, the price will be at least Rs. 2000. If you came on a long weekend, it will go up to Rs. 3000 to Rs. 3500.
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    The biggest advantage with this hotel however is that it is right at the main chowk of Lansdowne. Come down the stairs and you could walk around in the market. It is the very heart of Lansdowne that this hotel is located in with all the tourist attractions quite near.

    I posted a couple of pictures of the rooms above and as you can see, they are quite spacious and clean. Bed was very comfortable and large enough. Bedding, pillow, blankets was all clean and warm. Washrooms had all the modern facilities and were adequately large.

    The hotel also has three wooden huts on the roof where I actually stayed. The huts are right in the middle of what can be called as a roof garden. I actually quite liked it and have stayed here twice ever since my first visit to Lansdowne. I will post a few pictures


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    These huts are right on the roof so you can just walk out and sit on the roof while enjoying a nice view of Lansdowne. Price of these huts is about 500 more than the rooms downstairs but in my opinion, it is worth it. The hotel also runs a restaurant on the ground floor where I too ate. The food was delicious enough and reasonably priced (as per Lansdowne standards). They also provide room service so you won't be climbing down every time you needed to eat something (if you were staying in the huts). There is parking space right in front of the hotel so you can park your vehicle there safely.


    Final Verdict

    I will say that Hotel Mayur is a great place to stay in Lansdowne. Their service is quite great and both the times, my stay here was very comfortable. It is in fact the hotel that I recommend to everyone going for a trip to Lansdowne. Give them a try and you will actually like it.

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