Hyderabad - Leh (Sep, 2019)

Discussion in 'Itinerary' started by dvkmca, Aug 8, 2019.

  1. dvkmca

    dvkmca New Member

    We are four (4) members and planning to go from Hyderabad to Leh between Sep 6th, 2019 to Sep 16th, 2019.

    Below is our travel plan.

    Mode of transportation : Renault Duster 4 X 4
    Total KMs: 5300 kms
    Travel days: 12 days

    Sep-6th : Hyderabad to Nagpur - 502 kms (Night stay at Nagpur)
    Sep-7th : Nagpur to Agra - 835 kms (Night stay at Agra)
    Sep-8th : Agra to Manali - 779 kms (Night stay at Manali)
    Sep-9th : Manali to Pang - 299 kms (Night stay at Pang)
    Sep-10th : Pang to Leh - 174 kms (Night stay at Leh)
    Sep-11th : Leh (Night stay at Leh)
    Sep-12th : Leh to Manali - 473 kms (Night stay at Manali)
    Sep-13th : Manali to Agra - 779 kms(Night stay at Agra)
    Sep-14th : Agra (Night stay at Agra)
    Sep-15th : Agra to Nagpur - 835 kms (Night stay at Nagpur)
    Sep-16th : Nagpur to Hyderabad - 502 kms (Night stay at Hyderabad)

    Please review my itinerary and let us know how it is looking and if there are any changes....
  2. Vargis Khan

    Vargis Khan Administrator Staff Member

    You should cancel this plan for a later time when you can add more days. There is no point in going to Leh and just coming back. Manali-Agra in a day can't be done. Agra to Nagpur is again 16 hours at least. Leh Manali in a day can't be done either. This is not an advisable plan.
  3. dvkmca

    dvkmca New Member

    Thanks for your prompt response.

    We are looking for adventures driving experience.

    We all drive.

    How many days need to be added ?

  4. Surya

    Surya Active Member Staff Member

    Krishna as varghis said no point just driving to leh. Inko 5-7 days extend Chey. It will be a good trip.

    Instead coming this far go for Ooty for driving experience
  5. dvkmca

    dvkmca New Member

    We will try to add few more days if possible otherwise we will go as we decided .
    We all are working in a same company and getting a week time off is a tough job for us. So getting two weeks time off is never possible.
  6. Surya

    Surya Active Member Staff Member

    If you want to take the feel of drive go to Ooty
    Or go to murdeshwar udipi humpi Goa route. You'll get the same feel
  7. dvkmca

    dvkmca New Member

    Already I have completed south areas. I went till kanya kumari. I left only leh ladakh and J &K areas. Last year I went to Rothang pass. So this time would like to cover beyond rothang.
  8. Surya

    Surya Active Member Staff Member

    Ok enjoy you're ride
  9. dvkmca

    dvkmca New Member

    Thank you. we will try to add few more days for sure and think about how could make it better trip. Let see how my trip goes...
  10. Vargis Khan

    Vargis Khan Administrator Staff Member

    You should add at least a week here more. Or you can also see if catching a flight to Leh is an option.

    If not then try to add a couple of days at least and explore Nubra and Pangong in Ladakh.

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