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Discussion in 'Itinerary' started by Kaddy, Jul 24, 2019.

  1. Kaddy

    Kaddy New Member

    Vargis bhai,
    Hope you are at the top of your health. You are doing a great job for the people travelling to Ladakh.

    We are planning a trip to Ladakh from Mumbai, we are starting on 11th from Mumbai. Travelling via Shrinagar and getting down from Manali. I have few doubts about the trip. Kindly answer asap.

    We are 4 people, Planning the trip in Maruti Ciaz, My first doubt is can we complete the trip in Ciaz, What precautions we must take for this trip.
    Second doubt is about ILP, does the permit are date specific or valid for a few days? I mean to say do we need to specify the date on which we will be visiting the particular place? We plan to visit Turtuk, Nubra around 15th, 16th August and Pangong, Tso Moriri after that, if we feel we may increase our stay at either Turtuk or Nubra.

    Is there any road where we bypass Shrinagar and directly reach Sonmarg from Pathankot?

    Can you suggest us a proper itinerary for the same.
  2. Surya

    Surya Active Member Staff Member

    Yes you can complete the trip In Ciaz.
    Once you reach Leh you can apply for ilp and don't take it before hand. You need to pay per day charges. Like 350 base fee + 20 ruppes per day
    If you wish to stay in nubra better do it before going pangong n tso moriro else you need to go back again.
  3. Kaddy

    Kaddy New Member

    Thanks Surya for your prompt reply.

    Definitely it will help us to plan our trip.

    Can you suggest us itinerary for our trip?
    We will be starting from Mumbai on 11th August. Can I drive through Srinagar on 14th August?

    We are intended to reach Kargil by 14th August. Interested to visit following places.
    Kargil war musium, Magnetic Hill, Moorland, Lamayuru, Leh city, Leh Palace, Shanti stup, Turtuk, Diskit, Nubra, Panamik, Pangong, Tso Moriri, and some of the monasteries. Please suggest how we should we go about it.

    Which places we can get the home stay, and camping accommodation?
  4. Surya

    Surya Active Member Staff Member

    Route will be ahemadabad Pali Amritsar Srinagar . It's around 2200 kms trip till Srinagar.

    Varghis can suggest better on that.

    The below can be done on one day when to start to Leh from Srinagar side.
    Kargil war musium, Magnetic Hill, Moorland,Lamayuru

    Leh City palace Shanti stupa and permit can be done in one day.

    Turtuk diskit and nubra the next day

    Diskit to pangong

    Pangong to tsomoririo

    For hotels in Leh pangong and tso moriro contact Rohit- 9910722252

    Check below for normal itenary of Leh.
  5. Kaddy

    Kaddy New Member

    Thanks Surya for your reply. Definitely will be in touch with you people. You all are doing a great job...
  6. Surya

    Surya Active Member Staff Member

    Welcome bhai. All credit for varghis bhai.
  7. Kaddy

    Kaddy New Member

    Hey friends,

    Can you suggest budget accommodation for the above mentioned itinerary?
  8. Kaddy

    Kaddy New Member

    What places the chadar tents are available?
  9. Surya

    Surya Active Member Staff Member

    I'm not sure if you can get them in those places. In Leh hunder only u can find budget hotels pangong is costly if you go with camps and budget if you go with home stay.

    Rohit has couple of hotels in Leh and one in hunder. Just contact him regarding the cost. I've been there and the hotels are good and budget friendly as well.
  10. Kaddy

    Kaddy New Member

    Vergis Bhai,

    Tough Surya answer all the questions to my satisfaction. Need to connect to you for my upcoming query.

    As per itinerary we are planning to go directly to Pangong from Panamik. And from Pangong to Tso Moriri and from Tso Moriri to Jispa. My Ciaz can cover around 600km in plains.
    1, If i follow the rout I have described do I need to carry extra fuel?
    2. I watched a video on You-tube the road from Pangong to Tso Moriri was seen in really bad shape. Will Ciaz be able to run on this road? ( We will take maximum care of car) The reason to choose this route is the shorter distance.

    Hope to see you on our trip if time permits.

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