Kashmir trip in October!


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Hey, guys! This is my first post, and I'm glad to have found this forum.

I have booked my flight tickets from Bangalore to Srinagar and back (round-trip air tickets cost me 15k) - 14th October to 24th October (I'll have 9.5days to stay and travel). The initial suggestions and plans are to visit Gulmarg, Sonmarg, Pahalgam, Budgam, and a few off-beat locations near Srinagar. I have a general idea in mind, but I need suggestions on hotels, mode of transport, places to visit, and so on. I am travelling alone and I don't want to overspend.

(i) I'm thinking of two days and a night in Gulmarg. Planning to take a Gondola ride to Aparhwat and then trek to Alpather lake. Should I trek downhill from Alpather to the base, or should I simply take the Gondola again? In which location do I stay at Gulmarg? Any suggestions for a hotel? Also, what do I do the next day in Gulmarg?

(ii) 2 days in Sonamarg. A friend suggested I camp there - any ideas and leads for it? He also asked me to trek to Thajiwas glacier. Would that take me a whole day? What else do I do in Sonmarg and what do I do on the 2nd day or should I make it a one-day trip?

(iii) 2 days in Pahalgam - Aru, betaab, and Chandanwari. Is it possible to complete and cover these places in a day, stay there for a night and return the next day? Any other suggestions for places and stays?

(iv) One day for Dhoothpatri and another for Yusufmarg probably.

Local friends suggested I take the shared Tavera from Srinagar to all these places. I think that's the best for me to save money as well. But are there routes that require the flexibility to get down and click pics? in that case, I can do those routes in a private vehicle one-way. Also, I need a leisure trip as well as a cost-effective one. How do I do the local travelling? As in go from Gulmarg to the base of the gondola. I have decent cardio and physical capabilities to trek distances.

If I go with the number of days plan as mentioned, I'll only have 1.5 days for Srinagar. I need at least 2.5 days there. Could you help me make the itinerary more compact???

I am super thankful for those who take their time out to read the long post and respond to it.


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I don't want to spend too much on travelling; that would give me the flexibility to stay at good resorts, places, and fund the necessary expenses like the Gondola.

Edit: I'm going through the blogs on vargiskhan.com and understand some of my questions would be answered there. Thanks!
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