Kochi to Leh Ladakh road trip

Discussion in 'Itinerary' started by Eldo Sabu, Apr 17, 2020.

  1. Eldo Sabu

    Eldo Sabu Guest

    Dear Vargis/Friends
    I am planing a road trip from Kochi to Ladakh in my car (sedan). The travelling date is not yet confirmed. But most probably it will be in July 2021. Since it is a solo trip I prefer driving in day time only. I have 20-25 days in my hand to complete this trip. My route plan is as follows
    Onward journey -: Kochi- Banglore - Hyderabad - Nagpur - Jhansi - Agra - Chandigarh - Manali - Jispa - Leh.
    Return Journey -: Leh- Kargil - Srinagar - Jammu - Amritsar - Jaipur - Udaipur - Mumbai - Goa - Manglore-Kochi.
    The places I have mentioned above are the places where I am planning to stay.
    My major queries are as follows
    1 First of all I want to know whether it is possible to go to Leh from Manali and return via Kargil Srinagar and Jammu.
    2 What all permits do i need to carry for the trip and how to get those permits.
    3 What all medicines do I need to carry especially for acute mountain sickness
    4 Maintenance of my car ( Hyundai Verna next gen).
    5 Need to know about stay (Hotels, tents) at Jispa, Leh , Kargil , Srinagar , Jammu.
    6 I have an extra day each at Manali and Leh. So kindly suggest me places where I can visit. Khardungla Pass is must.
    I expect a sincere guidance from all other members


    SAJAL SHETH Member

    @Eldo Sabu ji
    I can answer some:-
    Route of Chandigarh - Amtritsar - Jammu - Srinagar - Kargil - Leh is better for acclimatization point of view.
    Return route can be Leh - Jispa - Manali - Udaipur- Mumbai - Goa - Manglore- Kochi.
    Since you plan to drive in July,2021 .... corona problem might be over.

    Inner line permit can be obtained from Leh itself. Your hotel will help you get that ILP for Pangong Tso, Tso Moriri , Nubra Valley etc.

    For AMS , DIAMOX is suitable. Have half after breakfast and rest half after dinner daily, starting from Srinagar. And stop it after reaching Jispa.

    There are plenty of hotels everywhere, just reach there and find the one suitable to you. It might take around one hour to find. Or you can use MMT, Goibibo, OYO etc to book any.
    In Leh Changspa area has many hotels. In Jispa , Padma Lodge, Hotel Ibex , Yak Hotel etc are there. In Kargil , Saqi Hotel , Hotel Rangyul etc .

    For more idea about the place visit
    Leh-Ladakh Archives - Vargis Khan

    Bon Voyage
  3. Prashanth1982

    Prashanth1982 New Member

    Hi Brother,

    Nice to know about your road trip. I am also planing from Bangalore to Leh/Ladakh.

    The road you have opted is OK to proceed to return to Kerala. It's better you enter from Jammu Side and exit from Manali side, you will have ample time to adjust to AMS.
    Since your car is sedan, so it's advisable to plan in the month of Sept/October. Ground Clearance would be a big problem and July being a rainy season It's dangerous to solo in July -2021 as my understanding.

    1. You need to have Innerline Permit if you want to do sight seeing in ladakh region.
    2. You get medicines for AMS in almost all medical shops. Please carry it. It's better you enter from Jammu side and exit from Manali side so that you won't face AMS.
    3. In Jammu, Chandigarh and other big cities you can find Hyundai service centers, but please have a complete check up of car before leaving. You can find local service centers every where if you have a small issues.
    4. You can get Tents at Jipsa, Sarchu without any issues, and you can find lot oh hotels in Srinagar, Kargil and other places. You need to book hotels and tents in advance if you are visiting in July month because of heavy crowd.
    5. Keep 1 or 2 days buffer in your entire plan.
  4. Ami_theridingsoul

    Ami_theridingsoul New Member

    Hello Friends,
    If anyone can suggest on reopening of districts on spiti route, via shimla. I had scheduled to start from Ahmedabad on 14/06 and cover complete spiti and ladakh. Not sure, if i can follow the same route and dates. Please tell if you have any information on bikers entry in Ladakh and Spiti these days.

  5. Vargis Khan

    Vargis Khan Administrator Staff Member

    It is all banned right now, do not plan. To be on a safer side, plan in September
  6. Ami_theridingsoul

    Ami_theridingsoul New Member

    Thanks brother..i heard they are planning to reopen in june end. Please suggest, What if i make it happen in mid july. September would be too late i guess. And also most of the dhabas (Chacha Chachi specifically where i wish to make a hault) would remain closed post monsoon (that's what i heard) please suggest.
  7. Vargis Khan

    Vargis Khan Administrator Staff Member

    No one can guarantee anything right now, all depends on how the COVID situation will be. It is not even safe to be going right now actually.

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