Kochi to Leh Ladakh Road Trip

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    Dear Vargis/Friends
    I am planing a road trip from Kochi to Ladakh in my car (sedan). The travelling date is not yet confirmed. But most probably it will be in July 2021. Since it is a solo trip I prefer driving in day time only. I have 20-25 days in my hand to complete this trip. My route plan is as follows
    Onward journey -: Kochi- Banglore - Hyderabad - Nagpur - Jhansi - Agra - Chandigarh - Manali - Jispa - Leh.
    Return Journey -: Leh- Kargil - Srinagar - Jammu - Amritsar - Jaipur - Udaipur - Mumbai - Goa - Manglore-Kochi.
    The places I have mentioned above are the places where I am planning to stay.
    My major queries are as follows
    1 First of all I want to know whether it is possible to go to Leh from Manali and return via Kargil Srinagar and Jammu.
    2 What all permits do i need to carry for the trip and how to get those permits.
    3 What all medicines do I need to carry especially for acute mountain sickness
    4 Maintenance of my car ( Hyundai Verna next gen).
    5 Need to know about stay (Hotels, tents) at Jispa, Leh , Kargil , Srinagar , Jammu.
    6 I have an extra day each at Manali and Leh. So kindly suggest me places where I can visit. Khardungla Pass is must.
    I expect a sincere guidance from all other members


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