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    Dear Friends,

    As mentioned in the title, My Childhood Dreams are to visit Kashmir, Ladakh and North East Indian States. As we are from far in the south ( Tamilnadu ) it was not an easy task for us to plan a trip for these places. But I somehow fulfilled my dreams by visiting Kashmir , a few years back and one of the North east State of Sikkim in 2015 with my Family. This September my main Dream of visiting Ladakh was fulfilled. This time I went with my Friend, leaving my Family for the first time in a Tour. I take this opportunity to Thank Mr.Varghis Bhai and the Forum Members for providing me with many details for this trip to be successful without any problems. I would also like to thank Mr. Yogesh Sarkar ( though he not belong to here ) for clearing some of my doubts immediately through his forum. Once again a special Thanks for Varghis Bhai for providing all the details for travellers through this Forum. Friends , it was the first time I am writing my travel experience in a Forum. So Forgive me for any Mistakes. ( There might be many coming ). Be Ready.

    I have added a few pictures from our trip. Our Experiences will be following soon.





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    Rajkumar Bhai ... Finally the travelogue that I was waiting for. Can't wait to read more about your journey and thank you for your kind words.
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    Awesome start Rajkumar Bhai. Waiting for the next installment.
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    Nice start Rajkumar Ji !!!

    2nd pic looks like outside Shey Palace :)

    Keep the ball rolling
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    Yes. It is outside Shey Palace. Surprised to see your memory about the places. Even just after 2 weeks now , I was not able to identify the places in many of our photos. Most of the places in Ladakh looks the same.
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    Thank you Ajmal Ji. Continuing our Story.
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    Rajkumar Bhai waiting for the next part.
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    Sorry Bhai. Delayed due to busy work . Will do it today.
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    Friends, A small introduction about ourselves. The Man in Blue ( 1st photo ) is My Childhood Friend Dr. Krishnamuthy & nearby him is Myself Rajkumar. We both belong to Karur in Tamilnadu but settled in Bangalore & Hosur respectively. The Reason to mention it here is, though we were settled in a distance of just 40 kms, we were not aware of this for the past 29 years ( Yes , We met each other after a long gap of 29 years during 2018 Diwali, after our school days in 1989 ). We lost our contact details and last year I got his contact details from another friend and we met finally and this trip happened. Enough about our story and coming into the main story.

    After Planning for the Ladakh trip I informed about this to our friends. But except Krishna , other friends are not able to adjust for the dates. So we decided to travel ourselves. I collected all the details for the trip ( Most of the help I got from Varghis Bhai & the Forum members ) and Krishna took the responsibility of our health factor. ( NB: He almost brought a medical shop with him ). And Finally The D Day arrived.

    Our Flight to Delhi from Bangalore was around 8.50 PM. So as per our plan I went to Krishna's Home and from there we reached airport around 6 PM. After finishing the Check in formalities we had our Dinner and boarded the Plane.
    A Selfie inside the Flight

    The Flight arrived Delhi to the correct time. We had more than 3 hours for our connecting flight to Leh. So we spent some time in roaming the airport.
    In Delhi Airport

    After boarding the Leh Flight we slept. Suddenly we got some noise and got out of sleep. We heard the Pilot announcing that we are flying over Rohtang Pass. We noticed beautiful views outside the window.

    We Reached Leh around 6.30 AM. We Booked a Prepaid Taxi from the Airport and left to our Hotel in Upper Tukcha Road. Here We had made a mistake. We had booked our hotel through online ( Varghis Bhai had insisted in many of his logs , not to book hotels in advance because it will be costlier ) and had ended with paying more. We Paid around Rs.1150/day for accommadation only and another Rs.700/- for Breakfast & Dinner which is very high. The next day we enquired in the nearby guest house and they charge Rs 850 for 2 persons including Breakfast & Dinner. Their rooms are also better than ours. But as we have booked already and made the online payment, we have no options except to stay in the same guest house. The GH we stayed also a nice one but costly for the facilities they offered. And we liked the GH we stayed. It had An Apple tree with lot of Apples in it. Krishna ate lot of apples during our entire trip.
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    Great start Rajkumar Bhai. Any problem with acute mountain sickness after you landed in Leh?

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