Leh-motorbike trip to Nubra valley- 22/6/22 to 28/6/22- URGENT-need a traveller/guide to join me


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I'd like to rent à motorbike in Leh from 22/6 to 28/6 to do the nubra valley and the monestary road?

However I have a few open points
1. As I'm travelling alone, is it possible to go to the nubra valley or do I need to find a guide?
2. If I need to go with somenone.
2.A Is it possible to do it with 1 bike or only with 2 bikes or a car?
2.B Do you know a guide or
2.C Can you advice me about a way to find a traveller interested to come with me? Like a post in some hotels.. would it be difficult to directly find a person when I arrive to start the day after?)
Kind regards for helping me,
Belgium (Brussels)