Leh tour itinerary and guidance for July 19

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  1. anupreet

    anupreet New Member

    Hi vargis.
    We have planned family trip to Leh and Srinagar from 3rd July to 10th July and booked delhi to Leh via flight reaching leh at 11am.
    7 Family members includes 3 senior citizens around 70years, 1 kid of age 3.5 years and 3 adults(25-32 age). We have five days for Leh-Kargil from 3rd-7th July. On 7th July, we have to reach and stay at sonamarg as my husband has to board Amarnath Yatra helicopter at early hours of 8th July. 10th is our return from Srinagar via flight.

    You really have taken a good initiative to help the tourists . I was going through your blog and guidance on different threads and you have written to keep 2 rest days if traveling by flight and about the Shyok route in July-August and not all vehicles are suitable for that road. As we have already made flight bookings, plz if you can validate the trip?

    OurItinerary was planned as:-

    Day 1 -3rd July - land leh at 11am. Local sightseeing after permits in the evening.

    Day 2- 4th July- leh -Nubra Valley-Diskit-Hunder

    Day 3- 5th July- Diskit/Hunder to Pangong via Agham-Shyok and return to Leh

    Day 4- 6th July- leh to Kargil and sightseeing enroute.

    Day 5- 7th July - Kargil to sonamarg.
    Day 6&7-8th & 9th sonamarg & Srinagar
    Day 8- return flight.

    1. Plz guide if the above plan is ok or some changes you have to suggest.
    2. any enroute sightseeing can be incorporated for days from 3rd July to 5th?
    3. Is day 3 itinerary possible if we start early?
    4. We will be hiring a private vehicle or taxi. any particular type of vehicle which should be opted?
    5. Plz suggest sites worth visiting in 5days of leh-nubra-Pangong-Kargil stay?
    6. Which is better to cover Tso Moriri or Pangong, if one can only be covered?

    How the days can be planned in the best and safest way?
    Waiting in anticipation for ur reply.
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  2. Vargis Khan

    Vargis Khan Administrator Staff Member

    Hello Anupreet,

    1. Your plan looks good assuming that you are renting a private cab for the trip.
    2. Spend some time in Leh and then Diskit / Hunder. Most of your day will get spent on the road actually.
    3. Yes
    4. Innova will be good
    5. Please take a look at this post http://vargiskhan.com/log/tourist-attractions-in-ladakh/
    6. Pangong will be better
  3. anupreet

    anupreet New Member

    Thank you so much vargis for your inputs. Yes we plan to travel through private cab for the whole trip.
    Certain clarification about permit.
    1) For the online system, I need to fill that online form separately for each of the members that will be traveling above 12years?

    2) As you had mentioned that permit is not required for places in leh city and our first day will be in leh city. So the per day fees will be calculated for that day also as for form we need to fill date of arrival and departure?

    3) plz specify the place where payment can be made and if somebody can do that on our behalf for online application despite filling ‘directly’ in the issue column.

    Thanks again
  4. Vargis Khan

    Vargis Khan Administrator Staff Member

    See this post please. Should answer your questions.

  5. anupreet

    anupreet New Member

    Thanks a lot.
  6. anupreet

    anupreet New Member

    Hello vargis. Is their any limit in leh that how many people can sit in SUV while traveling in Leh. The person is telling me that not more than 7people can sit in one car even if it is 8seater as per rules there.
  7. Vargis Khan

    Vargis Khan Administrator Staff Member

    There is no such rule but he is probably talking from the point of hilly region and steep climbs.
  8. anupreet

    anupreet New Member

    Ok. Thnx for info.

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