Leh trip with family


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We are planning a trip to leh probably in last week of May (around 25th may).
First question : Is this date ok for a road trip to leh? Will road get opened?
We need suggestion on what we are planning and how we can execute them.

We are 5 families with kids from 8 to 15 yrs of age
We need to experience scenic beauty of road trip f (so here I need suggestion, shall we go from manali or srinagar.) We are thinking of road trip from one side only. Return we are planning to book a flight from leh.

We need to book bikes for males and car for ladies and children, Is that combination possible to arrange?

Also need to know if siachin base camp is opened for tourist? How is the road condition

Also suggest agencies to book bikes at manali (if that route is opened on this date)


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Hi Ronak,

as of now there is issue going on between HP and J&K travel agencies. if you rent bikes from manali and travel to leh, you wil not be able to use the HP registered vehicle to go for a ride in J&K tourist areas .
so it would be better if you land directly in Srinagar or leh, rent bikes there and talk with them that you will complete the circuit and handover the bikes in Manali.
Siachin base camp is open but u would need special permits and you need to visit the DC office in Leh or contact any registered travel agencies to get them.