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    Hello and thank you for this great and informative website!

    We are a german overlander family of 4. Years ago we had to cancel our trip to Srinagar because of political situation. We sweared we will come back! We planned our journey in the way to spend at least one month at Kashmir region and planned to do the itinerary Waghan border - Amritsar - Srinagar - Leh - Manali. Now our dream seems not to become true again because of the conflict situation. Our disappointment is huge. Are there other roundtrips to recommand? What would be the latest recommanded time of the year to do it? To do the same way twice doesn't seem very worthwile...by the way: we are traveling in an 4x4 truck, so the roads should'nt be to narrow.
    Thank you really much for your help!!

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    When are you planning the trip

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