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  1. Hello Vargis Khan,
    In June/July 2020, we are planning to travel from Manali to Keylong by HRTC bus, stay at Keylong for a night, and next day return from Keylong to Manali again by HRTC bus. Is it possible to book seats on these HRTC buses in advance, say online or otherwise, If yes, how to do so? What are the bus timings on this route?
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    Hello Dr. Jategaonkar,

    There are several buses available for Manali - Keylong in first half of the day. There is no booking system though. You will have to reach the bus stand and find a seat in the next available bus.
  3. Thanks a lot for quick feedback. Are these buses too crowded in September? In that case we may even consider hiring a car. In that case, please do suggest a contact for car Manali-Keylong-Manali with 1 night stay. What will be the likely charges? Better to book in advance or only after going to Manali (in September)?
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    You are welcome.

    Crowded - Yes.

    Hiring a taxi will be better but taxi charges in Manali are daylight robbery. Anyway, it is really too early right now since your plan is of next year September. No point in booking so early. Please check back with me before you start for the trip and I will guide to someone reasonable.
  5. Vargis Khan Ji, Namaste.
    Sorry to bother you again, but I wanted to check with you one or two points.
    1) Do we need ILPor PAP to travel up to Keylong? We have Aadhar card which, I suppose, would be valid ID proof.
    2) We have an offer for 10N/11D, covering Shimla, Manali, and Keylong (including sightseeing) and Chandigarh drop with Xylo/Innova, costing roughly 72K (includes hotels with MAP plan). Is it a reasonable rate for Sept-2020?
    3) Please do recommend a reliable travel agent either in Shimla or Manali with whom I can check for such a package.
    Thanks a lot,
  6. Vargis Khan

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    Namaste Ravindra Bhai,

    1. No
    2. Do not take a package right now. It is too early.
    3. Please speak with Sunil Sharma in Shimla at 8894557299

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