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    Hello Everyone,
    Hope everyone is safe and doing good. We are a small group of 3 landscape photographers and planning for Leh once everything opens up. We are planning to rent bikes from Leh and follow this itinerary from 2nd day to 4th day:
    Day 2: Leh - Nubra Valley.
    Visit Diskit Monastery in the evening (Only Lord Buddha Statue)
    Night stay at Nubra Valley Sand Camps to capture the Night sky.
    Day 3: Nubra Valley to Turtuk (Start early)
    By evening come back to Nubra Valley Sand Camps.
    Day 4: Visit Diskit Monastery (Main Monastery)
    Start for Pangong Tso at approx 11am.
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    Hi Rahul - Your plan looks good. It is doable
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