Pin Parvati Pass Trek - A Spellbinding Experience

Kshitiz Singh

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The Testimony

'So, tell me, why do you like traveling to incommodious, unusual places?' I remember being asked this question from a friend, and how I fumbled with the reply. Apparently, I wasn’t so uneducated anymore. I buried my ignorance somewhere while walking in the rain, from Pandu Pul to Mantalai.

Nature had taught me the lesson to life’s most important questions. It reminded me of how naked and exposed we all are, as naked as we were when we came into existence. It reminded me of how short life is, too short to be wasted on inconsequential issues.

I was happy to have survived a place where nothing mattered more than the fluctuant next breath, a place which taught me that building a bank balance is not the sole purpose of life, but happiness is!


Signing off with a few photographs from Spiti Valley, and the mandatory homage to my amazing team. I hope this piece was worth a read. Be kind to give your feedback and connect with me at:

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rajkumar. r

Really you have enjoyed a wonderful and Thrilling experience . The Pictures of the snow clad mountains and particularly the mountain with the waterfalls looks very beautiful . NICE.


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A great experience indeed. This pass has been on my plans for a while now. Waiting for COVID to get over before attempting. Thank you for sharing the details