Road travel from manali to Padum via Darcha and Shingo La


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I am planning a family (4 pax - ages between 15 and 52) trip to ladakh (1st fortnight of June, 2022) and would love to explore the road from Darcha - Shingo La to Padum. 2 options: Either I do the road trip:
- at the start of my trip to enter Ladakh from Manali - Darcha - Shingo La- Gompa ranjan -Padum or
- end my ladakh trip by leaving Padum - gompa ranjan - Shingo La and Darcha and return to Manali.
Of course I need to hire a car.

I want to know:
1. whether my dates are a good time to do the road trip? Suggestions on: should I commence ladakh tour with this road trip or end it with this road trip?
2. Is it safe and OK(in terms of road quality) for family road travel?
3. Are there acommodation available for night halts? - suggestions on accomodation - welcome and would be very helpful.
4. Are there cars for hire in Padum who can pick us up from Manali and take us through this route to Padum? Any suggestions on where to hire car for this road trip?
5. How many night halts would we need from Manali to Padum through this Darcha - Shingo La - Gompa ranjan - Padum route?

Thanks in advance for patiently reading so many questions from a NEW JOINEE


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1. It's good time to travel. you may experience snowfall as well.
2. Its entirely safe.
3. yes there are plenty of accommodation's available.
5. It entirely depends on the places where you want to stay. and it also depends on when you can start your journey on the day.
the road at Shingola pass is ready upto 70% .