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    This will remain to be a dedicated thread to update status of Rohtang Pass this season and in year 2019.

    Current Rohtang Pass Status 2019 - CLOSED
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    Last winter did not see any snow at all across the entire Himalayan region. Even in areas like Ladakh and Spiti, it did now snow until mid January and that too just once. After January, Feb went dry completely and then it started to snow again in March. Passes like Rohtang too did not receive even half of the usual amount of snow that they do. This year however, the story is entirely different. Winter seems to have arrived early. A surprisingly heavy and early snowfall in the month of September saw roads getting blocked across Spiti valley and Ladakh. So heavy the snowfall was that tourists had to be airlifted out of Chandratal and Kaza - Manali stretch.

    The trend is still continuing. It has been snowing in Manali all day yesterday and Rohtang Pass received quite a bit of snow. If the weather remained the same way, it is expected that it may even start to snow in Manali as well; which would again mean a very early snowfall in the town. Rohtang Pass as a result has been closed for all types of vehicles. Even motorcycles are not being allowed and it is highly unlikely that it will open again this year. For now, it is safe to assume that Rohtang Pass is officially closed for this season. Even if they open it for a few more days, I would advise against traveling.
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    Weather forecast around Manali

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    Snowfall near Gualaba in Manali




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    BRO has been clearing snow for local movement between Manali and Lahaul valley but even that operations has stopped now. The road has now turned very slippery at several places. Strong freezing cold winds have been dumping snow on the highway due to which it has become very difficult to keep it open any longer. Authorities have been keeping it out of bounds for tourists for several days now but even the local traffic movement will cease now. Some locals have been crossing the pass on foot but that option too will be gone soon.
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    Considering the way the weather is trending this year, the opening of Rohtang Pass may very well get delayed. The entire Himalayan region has experienced tremendous amount of snow this winter and the intensity continues to increase. For now, do not plan a trip to or across Rohtang Pass any sooner than late April.
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    The recent spell of snow in early February followed by rainfall near the foothills have resulted in a lot of snow all across Himalayas, way more than previous years. More snow is expected in coming week and throughout the month of February. If the weather continues this way, opening of Rohtang Pass will be no earlier than early May.
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    So by mid of may, there is a chance for Rohtang to open? I'm planning to do spiti circuit in bike.
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    Rohtang will definitely be open by early May but Kunzum won't be till mid May. To be on a safer side, plan towards end of May because Chandratal and camping sites there usually do not get operational by either May end or early June.
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