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Discussion in 'Itinerary' started by shruthi, Jul 25, 2019.

  1. shruthi

    shruthi New Member


    We 2 people wish to visit Spiti between 11th Aug - 18th Aug and planning to travel by public transport. Kindly suggest suitable itinerary. Will it be better to start the journey from Chandigarh or Delhi?
  2. Surya

    Surya Active Member Staff Member

    From where will you be starting exactly.
    Even if u start from Delhi you need to go via Chandigarh only by bus.
  3. shruthi

    shruthi New Member

    I will be reaching Delhi by 10th Aug. Can you help me out with feasible itinerary.
  4. Surya

    Surya Active Member Staff Member

    Try to keep one 2 days buffer if you have not booked your return tickets. As aug months lots of rain and landslides may cause some delay.

    day 1 Delhi to shimla
    day 2 shimla to kalpa / reckong
    day 3 kalpa to nako visit monustary lake and then tey for local cab till tabo
    day 4 tabo to pin valley
    day 5 pin to kaza
    day 6 key kibber komik langza hikkim
    day 7 chandratal and back to kaza
    day 8 kaza to shimla
    day 9 shimla to delhi

    u can make direct shimla to nako as well on day 2 as there is nothing in kalpa much.
    day 5 u can skip pin valley as well as rest of the places are more scenic
  5. shruthi

    shruthi New Member

    Thanks. Is it possible to return to Manali from Chandratal? Is that route open? Also could you help me with local cab driver numbers
  6. Surya

    Surya Active Member Staff Member

    Yes you can return from Manali side .
    Don't have any driver number as of now.
    Once you reach Spiti opposite to bus stand only there is taxi stand you can ask them.
    You can either go with a group or solo in taxi

    For any other help in kaza n chandratal you can contact Jamaica - 9418200183
  7. zigzag

    zigzag New Member

    I and 4 of my friends are planning motorcycle ride spiti circuit during Aug 09 to Aug 17 (Chandigarh to Manali). 1) Could you tell us if this time is safe enough to ride? 2) What are best motorcycle to do this ride (we are thinking of RE Classic 500CC). 3) Where do we rent bikes from? 4) Can we also rent riding gear such as a)waterproof boots b) Jacket c) gloves d)Kneepads?
    Your help is much appreciated!
  8. Surya

    Surya Active Member Staff Member

    1 yes it is safe but be prepared for rain n land slides.
    2 yes classic 500 350 Himalayan can do. It depends on your style of riding any bike 200+cc can do.
    3 you can get in Chandigarh
    4 probably yes in Chandigarh but not sure.

    Better go in sept if you've not planned for holidays and so on.

    Refer below link for more info.
  9. Vargis Khan

    Vargis Khan Administrator Staff Member

    Rent it from Chandigarh as Surya suggested. You can get the required gear as well.

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