Spiti Valley - Bike Trip - 2020

Discussion in 'Travel Partners' started by Aman Agrawal, Mar 8, 2020.

  1. Aman Agrawal

    Aman Agrawal New Member

    Hellow Adventurists,

    Biking Rodeo 2020 is in!!

    We are a bike adventurist group of 5 and all excited to hit the Majestic Spiti Valley this year.
    Our preferred dates now are May 23 - May 31, 2020 (flexible though).

    We will have a back-up vehicle backing us up for our entire trip (Our Cost).

    So hey, if spirits are sagging and life needs some extra lift, say Spiti!!
    Give us a shout out today :). Simply respond to this message.

    We would love to share our detailed itinerary.

    Also, happy to share some other imp travel trivia such as stops, hotels, costs, weather, packing lists, safety hazards & emergency gear.

    We are not a business group.
    We are all working professional couples and here for safe fun.

    So please come for fun and be a safe player.

    Aman Agrawal
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  2. rajkumar. r

    rajkumar. r Member

    Hi Dear Friend Aman ,
    Nice to see you again. We have also Planned for the Spiti Circuit in May end ( Myself, Krishna and Another Friend of us - a Doctor ) . I think in the dates you have chosen, you could not do the full circuit as the Kunzum and Rohtang passes might not be open in those dates. You should better postpone your trip a little. We have decided the dates of May 24 - 31 ( 8 Days ) . Will be a bike trip. Consider whether it would suit you. We are interested to have the same Fun as in the Ladakh Trip. Kindly Whatsapp me .
  3. Aman Agrawal

    Aman Agrawal New Member

    Hi Raj & Krishna,

    So Awesome, this would be a blast once again:)
    Loved our Ladhak Adventure. Our forever memories for life time. :)

    So yes, we can work these dates.

    For better acclimatization, usually Shimla/Narkana entry is recommended.
    Additionally, a full circuit usually includes Kalpa, Nako, Kaza, Chandrataal.

    Have you guys worked out a day wise itinerary as yet? If yes please do share.
    My Big hello to Krishna, thanks to him we all can now brag about some coolest rafting fun :)

    Warm Regards, A

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