Tara Homestay, Mudh Village, Pin Valley


Located in the tiny village of Mud, this Homestay provides rooms which are cozy and clean. The property provides you with options in terms of rooms and activities

  • Rooms with attached washroom
  • Rooms with a common washroom ( 2 rooms for 1 washroom )
  • Camping/Trek/Day walk in Pin Valley

We opted for a room with an attached washroom. The washroom was tiny but well equipped and very clean. Running hot water was available. The room itself was furnished with a comfortable bed. A nook in the room had a mattress on the floor, covered with a carpet. Essentially a third guest can easily accommodate a bed there, though its primarily meant for folks to sit and have their food. View from the room is that of the valley providing some splendid scenery.


Our booking was a 'MAP' plan which included Breakfast, Dinner, Tea and snacks on arrival. At a price point of Rs. 2200/- for two adults, I found this to be reasonable. The hosts are very friendly and are up for a chat during down time. The kitchen appeared to be very popular, probably a testimony to the quality of food as folks from all the remaining homestays in the village came here for dinner.

Of course this meant that the small dining area was over crowded and finding a seat difficult. The hosts graciously offered to let us have our meal in their own private kitchen on the ground floor. We took up the offer and had a Tibetan pizza in the company of a couple other tourists. On a side note, the stairs accessing the different floors of this property are quite steep and without banisters. The guest rooms are at the approach road level, but the common kitchen is a level down, and the private one a further level down. So in case you have senior citizens or young children with you, do take care.

One can step out of the property and embark on lovely treks in and around the property. The vistas are wonderful. An HRTC bus does offer connectivity with an evening bus coming in from Kaza. The same bus leaves for Kaza the next day around 6:30 AM.

Overall a great place to visit especially for those who love trekking. The property can be contacted at [email protected]

Pro : Friendly hosts, Clean Rooms, Great connect with nature, Reasonable pricing

Cons : Mind your step
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