The Mystique Land Of Lahaul & Spiti

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    While outside the monastery, we struck up a conversation with an Israeli, who was standing there waiting for his friends to arrive. I asked him if he was renting his Royal Enfield or bought it here. He said that he bought it and was on his way to Ladakh and thus our conversation went on to how most of the foreigners who visit here usually prefer to buy rather than rent. Just then a Qualis arrived with a foreigner in the driving seat. His wife and kids were also in the car and when the guy got out, i made the mistake of asking him this question.

    "So you bought a car here?" I asked.

    "I bought a car, i bought a house, i bought a shop" Was his answer.

    "What ??" Was my reaction.

    "20 saal ho gaya Bhai. Main idhar manali mein rehta hoon" he said in fluent hindi.

    A shocked expression mixed with embarassment was my only answer.

    And then he went on to expalin how he came to visit India, decided to settle here, bought his family over and was now living in Manali for last 20 years.

    Embarassed enough, i thought it was better to cut the conversation short and start on our way to Kaza, with a smiling Narender making remarks at how stupid that guy made me sound.






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    By evening we were in Kaza, checked into a hotel and went for a walk on the banks of river Spiti.



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    Day 7 - Kaza To Kibber To Kaumik To Kaza

    Today's plan was to stay in Kaza and visit the nearby areas. Nothing much happened today except for riding the bike all day long on the sorrounding hills.

    We got up early and started on our way to Kibber.

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    We reached Kibber around 9 in the morning and had our breakfast. The restaurant owner suggested that while we were there, we may want to visit the next village, Checham, a few kilometres ahead of Kibber.

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    We visited Checham, came back to Kibber and then started backtracking towards Kaza. On the way, i noticed a different road going towards a village called Tashigang. Since we had the entire day in our hands to roam around, we turned on that road and decided to go see Tashigang as well.




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    After a few hours, we were back to Kaza, visited Key Monastery and now it was time take a different road from here, the one that goes towards Langza.


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    I have heard that you can find fossils in Langza so i was curious to see that as well. Upon reaching there, those fossils turned our to be nothing more than a few prints on stones, like someone had carved flowers on them.




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    From Langza, we kept going towards Kaumik. By the time we reached there, it was around 3 pm and we were both terribly hungry. I spotted a monastery but found it to be closed as all the monks were gone to visit Kaza that day. Only one monk was there in the monastery and we asked him if we could get something to eat here. To my surprise, he first served us tea totally free, and then cooked Maggie for us. We only paid for 2 packets of Maggie, 20 bucks, which he went and bought from the village but did not charge us a penny more. He told us that there wasnt any foold available as the monastery was closed today or else he would have served us proper food.
    Touched by his humanity and with our bellies full, we started on our way back to Kaza and reached thee by 6 PM.



    Hotel that we were staying in did not serve any food so we had to have dinner in a nearby restaurant. By 8 in the eveining, we were back in our hotel room.
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    Day 8 - Kaza To Chandra Taal

    Destination for today, and also kind of the last destination for the trip, was Chandra Taal. There is no hotel around the lake, nearest village is either Losar, on the other side of Kunzum Pass, or Batal which is around 30-35 kms away. But there are camp sites available around the lake so you can either carry your own tent or rent one after you reach there. We opted for option # 2.

    After checking out of the guest house, while we were saddling our bags on the motorcycle, wife of the owner of the guest house asked if we would like to have some tea before we leave. It was pretty early in the morning and i knew we wont find any restaurants open for a while so we agreed. She came back after a while with tea in 2 steel glasses and informed us that unfortunately there was no milk available in the house and since it was so early, there weren't any shops open either so she made us black tea.

    Tea White or black, i appreciated the gesture and thanked her for the hospitality. I think whoever had black tea in his life would agree with me that tea has to be really sweet it its black or it becomes difficult to drink it. The moment we had our first sip of that tea, i realized that there was almost no sugar in it and we were just kind of sipping down black boiled water with sour taste. Now both of us were standing there with tea in our hands that we didn't want to drink but also did not want to disappoint the lady. Somehow we managed to gulp it down, thanked the lady again for her hospitality and started on our journey, with sour taste in our mouths.




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    Don't know if these were yaks or buffaloes but found the entire herd on the road, made us jump off our bike and get to a safe point while they crossed.


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