Three Musketeers in Ladakh.... With a 13 Year old Cutie Pie

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    Just finished reading another Ladakh Travelogue.
    It was Great !!!!!!!
    It was Inspirational !!!!!
    We were sooo inspired that it was decided. We too are going to Ladakh to experience the journey.
    Soon the discussions began in ……………… August 2017
    Discussions continued all the way till.Sep – Oct 2017
    Suddenly we realized the Winter is almost here. So had to shift the plan to early June 2018

    For 6 months almost there were no discussions. Finally as March ended the travel bug started to bite us again. News of the opening of different passes was trickling in slowly and we were at it again going through the new travelogues posted. Travel Vlogs on Youtube………….

    As this was our first trip to the Ladakh region, it was decided to take the safest time to travel with almost zero water crossings. After all the information we gathered it was decided. September 2nd week. Time to Live our dream to travel to Leh. Let me introduce the Three Musketeers

    My Cousin (Sunit)

    My brother –in – Law (Rakesh G)

    And Yours Truly........ :D

    Let us start with some teaser pics





    IMG_8991.JPG IMG_9087.JPG

    My.... Cutie Pie
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    So the final preparations began but before that we had to take permission from family and the reactions were

    Why only Leh??????
    It is risky, Specially to to in a old car.

    Took some time to convince everyone to let me follow my dream and do the circuit.

    Well my prayers were answered soon with a YES from everyone.

    So with the permission on our side including that of my Sweet Wify & Kids & Parents ...... It was time for the full preparations

    Next coming Soon...........
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    The youngest family member is also the cutest one Jitender Bhai ...

    Hooked ... waiting for more ..... I am specially interested in knowing how a Wagon R performed in Ladakh, that too 13 year old
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    Just finished reading Vargis Bhai's travelogue and started this one. Planning for Ladakh next year May. I am sure I will have a lot of questions that I may need your help on guys.
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    Thanks Bhai......... 13 years old was also a big question for us.
  6. jitenderpathania

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    Always there to help you Afzal
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    This Chapter gives the account of preparations. Specially of a 13 year old car with a ground clearance of just 165mm. I had an option to take Duster with me, but Cutie Pie was in full mood to fight it out.
    “What’s new in doing it on Duster. Everyone does it. Do the trip with 13 years old Wagon R. That is the real challenge” Sunit said.
    Although my Cutie Pie has never let me down but till now, but she needed to get the medical certificate to prove that she is fit and fine to take a trip to the land of high passes. So she was taken to the hospital to get a full body check up.

    WhatsApp Image 2018-10-31 at 5.45.04 PM (1).jpeg

    WhatsApp Image 2018-10-31 at 5.45.04 PM.jpeg WhatsApp Image 2018-10-31 at 5.45.06 PM.jpeg

    Before I go any further I would like to clarify that Car bears a Delhi Registration but I am from Dharamsala and that's from where the journey began.

    Below is a long list of checks undertaken. I am sharing the full list, so that it can be useful to readers in future as well.

    P.S. The below list is as per the requirement for a 13 years old car. Need not to apply to every vehicle.

    Oil Change
    Filter Change
    Tyre Changes – I had already changed the tyres approx. 5000k before the travel
    Shockers – Got all Shockers Changed
    Front Suspension
    Clutch Plate set Changed - Very Important
    Brakes Disc Changed
    Wiper Set New
    Fuses – Kept 10 extra fuses
    Coolant - Changed
    2 Jacks
    Towing Rod – 2
    Head light bulbs Extra were kept
    Engine Oil – 2 Ltrs extra kept
    Gear Oil – 1 Ltrs extra kept
    Brake Oil - – 1 bottle extra kept
    Set of wrenches
    Wheel spanner
    M Seal – 3
    Cello tape
    Small Hammer
    Elfy – 3
    Plier + Screw driver with some nut bolts
    Petrol Jerry Can 10 ltrs + Bottles 3-5 (2 Ltrs Each)
    Some rope
    Tyre puncture kit
    portable Air Pump- We had the electronic one

    Below is the list of some other items that we took care of as a part of the preparations

    Water bottles 2-3
    Power Banks - 2 Nos
    Dry Fruits
    Leather gloves
    Deo - VERY IMP :D
    2-3 blankets
    3 Sleeping bags
    1 Fold able Tent for emergency
    Medicine and first aid kit including Diamox

    Once the complete list was checked, the wait for the D - Day started (16th Sep, 2018).

    Although I got a lot of help from online Blogs but still had butterflies in my stomach. Lot of questions still in my mind.
    Hope we Have not left out anything.
    Cutie Pie will be jam packed with the list above.
    Hope She performs well.
    Hope there will be no underbelly hits
    As per recommendations did not book any accommodations in advance. Hope that will not be a problem.
    Hope will not face any tyre problems
    HOPE........... yes it is a big word that makes ordinary people do extraordinary feats..............
    With this hope we were off to sleep as had fixed 6 AM as the departure time. I leave you with the below finalized itinerary for our trip.

    DAY 1 - 16 Sep - Dharamsala - Srinagar
    Day 2 - 17 Sep - Srinagar - Kargil/Lamayaru
    Day 3- 18 Sep - Kargil/Lamayaru - Leh
    Day 4- 19 Sep - Leh Local with Permits
    Day 5 - 20 Sep - Leh - Hunder Via K - Top
    Day 6 - 21 Sep - Hunder - Pangong (Via Agham - Shyok) - Merak
    Day 7 - 22 Sep - Merak - Tso Moriri/ Hanle via Chushul, Rezangla
    Day 8 - 23 Sep - Tso Moriri/ Hanle - Pang
    Day 9 - 24 Sep - Pang - Jispa
    Day 10 - 25 Sep - Jispa - Manali
    Day 11 - 26 Sep - Manali - Dharamsala

    Hmmmm............ Seems simple enough.................... NOT EXACTLY !!!

    Till next time
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    I went to Ladakh back in 2016. We have a WagonR too, 7 years old now but I never could get the guts to bring it to Ladakh so we ended up flying in and doing a taxi instead. Planning for next year again and reading your log, I am thinking to drive WagonR this time.
  9. jitenderpathania

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    Dear Tejashri,

    It all depends on the confidence you have in your car along with the driving experience.

    As for my trips if you talk about any underbelly hits.................. Well only when crossing the high speed breakers in and around Srinagar :p
  10. Vargis Khan

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    How much did you spend getting the car ready Jitender Bhai?

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