Three Musketeers in Ladakh.... With a 13 Year old Cutie Pie

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    In total around 15K. That includes Regular service + Shock Absorbers + Brake disc + Wiper Set + Clutch Set.

    Suspension was found to be OK. Rest I had taken Oil and other things with me for emergency. All was returned later. We came back without any problem. Not even a tyre puncture :D
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    In which month did you travel, September right?
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    Yes Vargis Bhai
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    Update? Waiting .....
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    Soon the journey will start
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    ODO READING – 0 KMS - 432 KMS - 16 Sep 2018

    Hardly got any sleep due to the excitement of the trip. Early morning 6 AM departure was on cards but could manage to leave around 7.00 AM. Cutie Pie was packed with all the stuff and space enough for Sunit the squeeze in who would be joining us from a place called Nurpur. With best wishes from the family and blessings of Almighty we began our journey…….

    She looks confident enough to carry us through the trip.


    Sunrise at Dharamsala

    Once started it was a straight dash to reach Pathankot picking up our third member enroute.
    The town of Pathankot was just starting wake up when we reached the outskirts. Took the Mamun by pass to connect with the Srinagar – Kanyakumari Highway and entered the state of J&K around 9.30 AM with the first stop at Lakhanpur to have light breakfast.

    WhatsApp Image 2018-11-12 at 11.58.49 AM.jpeg

    Sign Board Just after Lakhanpur

    Usually everyone takes Samba Mansar Udhampur route. We took a right turn from Dyala Chak (Approx. 35 Kms from Lakhanpur) to a link road to get connected with Dhar – Udhampur Road.

    The only positive in this link road is less traffic. Once on the Dhar – Udhampur road it was easy cruising as the road conditions were very good. Stopped at Udhampur for a tea break around 11.30 AM before heading into a massive Traffic Jam in Udhampur area and the National Highway.

    It took us more than 3 Hours to cover the next 26 Kms till Chenani Tunnel to reach the other side.

    Once we crossed the Chenani Nashri Tunnel the traffic eased a bit but the road conditions were still bad.
    We had skipped a proper breakfast to dig ourselves into the very famous Rajma Chawal of Mansa Ram @ Peerah Mod. They serve you only one dish- Rajmah-chawal mixed (Red Kidney beans and Basmati rice) with anardana chutney and almost a large peg equivalent of desi ghee.

    Mansaram Dhaba.jpg

    With our belly full and after a break of almost one hour we were ready to face the notorious Rambal to Banihal stretch. But surprisingly we did not face any traffic jam. Slowly we continued our journey and stopped for a while at Toofani Nallah before Jawahar Tunnel for a tea Break. It was almost dark by the time we reached Qazigund.
    We reached Srinagar around 8.00 PM.
    We looked for some budgeted property around Boulevard Road. After some negotiations we managed to get GH accommodation at a walking distance from Dal Lake.
    Marjaan Guest House - We paid Rs.800/- for room only with extra bed.


    We opted for a light dinner at a nearby Punjabi Dhaba . With all the excitement of crossing our first pass and reaching the highlands tomorrow we decided to end the day as we would be leaving early morning tomorrow.

    Overall the day went well minus the traffic jam at Udhampur.

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    3 Hours to cross 26 kilomters. Holy COW !!!

    How was that hotel in Srinagar in Jitener Bhai? Would you mind posting a couple of lines as a hotel review and a few pictures in the Hotel section?
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    Ladakh in a 13 year old Wagon R?

    That would have to be some kind of a record .....

    Hats off to you Sir ....
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    Will post all the reviews for sure
  10. jitenderpathania

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    Thanks Narender.

    I have actually read a lot about guys doing the trip in Maruti 800 and other low clearance cars. I believe any well maintained car can do it irrespective of the age. Person sitting on the driver seat needs to be confident of the vehicle and about his driving skills.

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