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  1. rajkumar. r

    Spiti valley circuit

    Dear Friend , Is it possible to complete the Spiti valley circuit on a 125 cc scooter riding Solo?. We want to enter from Shimla and Exit via Manali. If it is possible , approximately how much Spare fuel would be needed for us to carry? We need these details for us to plan for the next season...
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    Dear Friends, As mentioned in the title, My Childhood Dreams are to visit Kashmir, Ladakh and North East Indian States. As we are from far in the south ( Tamilnadu ) it was not an easy task for us to plan a trip for these places. But I somehow fulfilled my dreams by...
  3. rajkumar. r

    Travel to Turtuk & Thang

    Dear Friends, We are touring Ladakh in september 2nd week. We have decided to travel upto Turtuk & Thang. Being a Muslim dominated area, Is there any problems after 370? Is it safe to visit Thang? Anybody recently toured there kindly share their experiences.
  4. rajkumar. r

    pangong tso to umling la

    Is it possible to travel Pangong Tso ( from Merak ) to Umling La and back to Hanle ( Halt ) in a single Day? Also is it possible to do Hanle to Leh in single day? Our mode of travel is by rented bikes.
  5. rajkumar. r

    RE: Manali & shimla trip

    Dear Friend, We are visiting Manali On March 25th 2018 for 3 days and then to Shimla for 2 days. Already booked rooms. What are the places that we should visit? Kinldy give us an itinerary to follow. . I checked with Hptdc conducted tours but not availble in march. So Which...