Shimla Manali Trip



Hi Vargis,
First of all, thanks for helping out all the travellers with their concerns and doubts. Since you're always helpful and good at it, here comes another query for Shimla-Manali Honeymoon Trip.

Below are some pointers for the above trip which will help me finalize the trip:
1. Our desirable months are October or November, 2021.
2. We want to see some snow but not chilling winters.
3. We also want to visit Rohtang pass.
4. Departure city can be either Chandigarh with rented car, Delhi with rented car or Kalka(only because of Toy Train) - which would be more suitable ?
5. Or is it advisable for a self driven car from above two places?
6. Stay is not a problem as we have already decided upon it in Shimla & Manali.

Vargis Khan

Staff member
Hi Sheeruish,

1. October will be a good time, November is not
2. Snow at this time will only be at Rohtang top
3. Yes you can but go in early October
4. Both are Ok. Whatever suits you the best
5. It depends on how skilled a driver you are and your experience of driving in the hills
6. I believe there is no question in this point :)